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Lowering Administrative Costs with Oracle BPM

Hear first how the Supreme Court of Louisiana, the state's highest court, needed to provide secure and standardized workflow and collaboration services for a community of justices and staff, and its external legal community. They wanted a central, online collaborative BPM system to process legal issues and address pressing challenges after Hurricane Katrina as well as increase justice and staff productivity. Next get a sneak peek at the next release of the product that the Supreme Court of Louisiana used - Oracle BPM, version 10gR3!

Easy path for Project Managers and Business Process Managers to unify around BPM

The first in a series of Beyond Ordinary BPM Webinars, this session will introduce Project Managers and Business Process Managers to converged community of BPM without making them learn new skill sets.  The session will outline a new unified approach to BPM (Business Project Management) and PPM (Project Portfolio Management).  The session will include a demonstration of the Savvion Tabular Process Analysis and Definition tool, which highlights this unified approach.

Why Business Optimization Efforts Fail

Many business optimization initiatives struggle in achieving success and up to 70% fail for one key reason - a failure to recognize and manage the impact of the changes on the organization. In this roundtable we discuss why your initiatives may be at risk and what efforts to take to mitigate those risks.


Marilyn Martin, Director Business Architecture Practice, Collaborative Consulting

Ms. Martin is the business architecture practice director for Collaborative Consulting’s national practice. She has over 30 years of experience both in the private sector and consulting, and has created and managed the implementation of business solutions for leading companies in a broad range of industries and product lines. Marilyn has a keen ability to identify the strategic imperatives of the business, design supporting business architecture, and identify and plan the initiatives required to execute.

Best Practices for Driving Visibility Across the Global Supply Chain

Today’s supply chains are increasingly complex, with global pressures placing additional burdens on speed and efficiency. Since the supply chain is the life blood of your company, you can't forecast and manage it effectively if you can't see what’s happening. That’s why true real-time demand and supply visibility is critical to optimizing supply chain performance.

Best Practices for Building BPM & SOA Centers of Excellence

This round table will describe the BPM and SOA full-day training courses being held at the BrainStorm event series in 2009 and online. The goal is to train the attendees how to develop the essential elements that are needed to successfully justify, launch and to then evolve a Business Process Management office in your organization and an SOA Center of Excellence.

One CIO's Perspective on Where BPM Fits

The process of relocating to a new city can be complex. Attend this round table to learn how SIRVA uses BPM to simplify the relocation experience for individual consumers and about half the Fortune 500. Join Erik Keller of SIRVA, as he will discuss their corporate initiative to drive improvement and change in the business.

BPM - Not for Dummies Anymore

BPM has evolved past the hype by delivering impressive business results. See how companies have solved business problems quickly through their BPM platform, and how some companies are pushing the envelope by taking BPM to the enterprise level.

Which BPMS is Right for You?

Over the past 12 months, we reviewed 11 leading BPM Suites using a common analytical framework, and published the results using a common outline as The BPMS Report series, available for free from BPMInstitute.org. Based on that research, we now offer a comparative scoring of these offerings. Each BPM Suite was rated for both human-centric and integration-centric processes, and the human-centric evaluation was further broken out into two subclasses, production workflow and case management.

Transactional Content Management: The Critical Infrastructure for Managing Horizontal Processes Across the Organization

We all know how processes typically emerge in an organization. They start in one area or department and are designed to solve a specific problem. We call this the functional-centric process model; it’s characterized by transactional processes being structured, managed, and measured via the functional or departmental unit. While this model addresses an immediate, department-level requirement, in the long run it can create a much bigger mess at the corporate level.

What is Business Architecture and Why Has it Become So Important?

Business architecture is the critical bridge between business strategic and operational planning and technology at an enterprise level. This Round Table will explain why it is becoming more important in 2008. Business Architecture survey results will also be discussed. Featured Speakers
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