BPM+ Specialist Certificate Program (BPM+S)

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The BPM+ Certificate Program is the pinnacle of business process modeling excellence, offering participants comprehensive training in the three essential modeling standards: BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), DMN (Decision Model and Notation), and CMMN (Case Management Model and Notation). Also known as the Triple Crown of Modeling, this program equips participants with the skills and expertise needed to excel in process modeling and optimization.

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The BPM+ Specialist Certificate Program represents the pinnacle of proficiency in business process modeling. This comprehensive four-day program delves into the “Triple Crown of Modeling,” covering the essential standards: BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), DMN (Decision Model and Notation), and CMMN (Case Management Model and Notation). Designed to empower professionals with the skills necessary for superior process modeling and optimization, this program is ideal for those aiming to enhance their organizational impact.

Participants will master the intricacies of these three key modeling standards, enabling them to design robust, flexible processes that enhance business operations. Whether you’re looking to streamline workflows, improve decision-making processes, or manage complex cases more effectively, the BPM+ Certificate equips you with the tools to achieve these goals.

Benefits of the BPM+ Specialist Certificate include:

  • Expertise in Core Modeling Standards: Gain in-depth knowledge of BPMN, DMN, and CMMN, and learn how to apply them effectively in various business scenarios.
  • Enhanced Career Prospects: Stand out in the competitive field of business process management with a credential that showcases your advanced skills in high-demand modeling techniques.
  • Practical, Hands-on Learning: Through real-world examples and practical exercises, translate theoretical knowledge into actionable skills that can immediately benefit your organization.

By completing the BPM+ Specialist Certificate, you will not only enhance your modeling skills but also demonstrate a serious commitment to advancing business process management within your organization.

BPM+S Certificate program courses:

In just weeks you’ll be tackling projects faster and easier. And don’t forget the earning potential!

Greater earning potential
Agile Business Analysis training can increase your earning potential by providing you with the skills and knowledge to take on more senior roles within your organization. By demonstrating expertise in agile methodologies and business analysis, you can enhance your career prospects and be considered for more challenging and rewarding positions. This can lead to greater recognition, higher salaries, and more opportunities for professional growth.

Increased Job Satisfaction
Improve the effectiveness of your work and achieve better results. You will feel more fulfilled by your work and more valued by your organization. You face a number of challenges in your work. Get the skills you need to face challenges such as:

    • Complex Process Integration
    • Standardization Across Functions
    • Handling Regulatory and Compliance Issues
    • Bridging the Communication Gap
    • Rapidly Changing Business Environments
    • Technology Adaptation and Implementation
    • Quality and Efficiency Improvements
    • Managing Change Resistance
    • Scalability of Process Solutions

Increased Confidence
You will feel more confident in your abilities and more secure in your position. With expertise, you will feel more self-assured in your role and more prepared to tackle challenges and opportunities.

Better Decision Making
You’ll know how to analyze data and make informed decisions based on evidence. By learning how to gather and interpret data, you can make better decisions and achieve better outcomes for your organization.

Improved Communication
You’ll know how to communicate effectively with stakeholders and team members. By learning how to communicate clearly and persuasively, you can build stronger relationships with colleagues and enhance your influence within your organization.

Professional Development
Leverage the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge, which can help you grow and develop as a professional. By learning new techniques and tools, you can broaden your expertise and become more well-rounded in your role.

Upon completion of the BPM+ Specialist Certificate program, participants will be equipped with an extensive array of skills and competencies critical for excelling in advanced process modeling and optimization. Here are the key skills you will develop:

  • Proficiency in BPMN, DMN, and CMMN Standards: Master the “Triple Crown of Modeling” standards for detailed and effective representation of business processes, decisions, and case management scenarios.
  • Advanced Process Modeling: Gain expertise in using BPMN for creating comprehensive business process diagrams that effectively communicate both technical and business aspects.
  • Case Management with CMMN: Design and implement robust case management solutions using CMMN to enhance organizational agility and improve process outcomes.
  • Decision Modeling with DMN: Utilize DMN to model complex decision-making frameworks that enhance operational efficiency and strategic decision-making.
  • Process Analysis and Optimization: Develop advanced knowledge in analyzing and optimizing business processes to drive efficiency and effectiveness across organizational workflows.
  • Implementation of Process Improvement Initiatives: Apply your skills in designing and leading process improvement projects that align with and support business objectives.
  • Alignment of Business Objectives and Processes: Integrate business goals with process models and decision logic to strategically drive business activities towards desired outcomes.
  • Problem-Solving and Workflow Optimization: Employ strong problem-solving skills to tackle complex business challenges and enhance workflow efficiency.
  • BPM+ Tool and Technology Utilization: Leverage cutting-edge BPM+ tools and technologies to streamline operations, increase agility, and sustain competitive advantage.
  • Leadership and Collaboration: Lead cross-functional teams and collaborate with various stakeholders to foster a culture of process excellence and continuous improvement.
  • Adherence to Best Practices and Industry Trends: Stay abreast of emerging trends and best practices in business process management and modeling to keep your skills relevant and impactful.
  • Application in Healthcare Settings: Utilize BPM+ principles and methodologies specifically in healthcare to improve patient outcomes and optimize the efficiency of healthcare delivery systems.

By mastering these skills, graduates of the BPM+ Specialist Certificate program are well-prepared to lead and innovate in various sectors, particularly in roles that require deep understanding and implementation of process management and optimization strategies.

BPM+ Framework

At the core of BPM+ is the BPM+ Framework, a robust compilation of standards and guidelines tailored for designing, implementing, and managing business processes in any industry. This framework is grounded in the principles of Business Process Management (BPM) and utilizes universally recognized notations such as Business Process Model and Notation™ (BPMN™), Decision Model and Notation™ (DMN™), and Case Management Model and Notation™ (CMMN™). Thus, the equation BPM+ represents the integration of BPMN, DMN, and CMMN, forming a comprehensive approach to process management that is adaptable across diverse industries including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more.

BPM+ Health

The BPM+ Health community of practice, founded in 2019, is a collaborative effort between healthcare providers, payers, and technology vendors, working together to develop and implement industry-wide standards for healthcare processes. By adopting a common language and methodology, BPM+ Health seeks to improve the interoperability and consistency of healthcare systems, ultimately leading to better patient care and streamlined operations.

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Featured Certificate: BPM Specialist

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Earning your Business Process Management Specialist (BPMS) Certificate will give you the competitive advantage you need in today's world. Our courses help you deliver faster and makes projects easier.

Your skills will include building hierarchical process models, using tools to analyze and assess process performance, defining critical process metrics, using best practice principles to redesign processes, developing process improvement project plans, building a center of excellence, and establishing process governance.

The BPMS Certificate is the perfect way to show employers that you are serious about business process management. With in-depth knowledge of process improvement and management, you'll be able to take your business career to the next level.

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