Digital Decisioning and Automated Decisions 101

This course introduces you to key best practices to delivering successful decision automation projects.
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Digital Decisioning and Automated Decisions 101 – On-Demand


This course introduces you to key best practices to delivering successful decision automation projects.

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This course is an overview of a standards-based approach to automating and digitizing business decision-making. Using a Decision Management approach, decision modeling and business rules technology is a proven way to automate decisions for increased business agility and more effective, more targeted processes.

The Decision Management approach leverages decision modeling and business rules technology to drive the effective automation of decision-making. Digitizing and automating decisions increases business agility and improves performance. Applying decision management and adopting decision modeling and business rules technology improves customer service, enables one-on-one marketing, increases straight-through processing, and more effectively leverages limited resources. This course introduces you to key best practices to delivering successful decision automation projects.

You’ll learn about a proven, standards-based approach to defining, understanding, and automating business decisions. By way of examples drawn from a variety of industries and use cases, you’ll see how modeling decisions and managing both decisions and business rules improve business outcomes over the short term and long term. In addition, you’ll learn how effective decision management simplifies and improves business processes and how business rules management systems add value. You will also discover multiple approaches for identifying suitable decisions.


  • Digital Decisioning and Decision Automation: Introduction
  • The Big Picture: Decisions in Processes, Events, and Systems
  • The Decision Management Framework
    • Step 1: Decision Discovery and Modeling
    • Step 2: Decision Service Definition and Implementation
    • Step 3: Decision Measurement and Improvement
  • Getting Started and First Steps
  • Gain an understanding of fundamental tenets of decision automation and the business challenges it addresses
  • Learn how to build decision models, link these models to your business, and capture and manage business rules
  • Understand how decision models and business rules link to business performance and organizational change
  • Learn standards-based notations and proven approaches for developing and managing decision models
  • Walk through various case studies and exercises for modeling decisions and capturing business rules
  • Deliver a set of getting started guidelines for decision management

This course is based on proven approaches and emerging standards used in both commercial and government scenarios. Technology-neutral and business-focused, the course delivers a non-technical introduction to the effective application of business rules technology and Decision Management.

  • Business managers and executives
  • Business analysts
  • Business and enterprise architects
  • Program and portfolio managers
  • Business strategists
  • Other specialists requiring a working knowledge of Decision Management and business rules

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