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Understanding the Digital Economy: SOA vs. APIs

The basic mechanism for sharing across team and organizational boundaries is called an API. Modern APIs are flexible ways of projecting capabilities to an audience outside of your own team, in a controlled fashion. When done right, APIs enable enterprises to innovate faster and reach new audiences. Twitter has an API that allows you to tweet using the app of your choice; you don’t have to go to twitter’s web site. Amazon.com has an API that allows a merchant to plug into their retail platform; you don’t need to create your own merchant portal. Your own enterprise probably has an API that allows one of your mobile apps to talk to the backend customer system; the mobile team does not need to understand the intricacies of the way the member system works.

Transforming Business Through Strategic Process Management

A recent Gartner poll of their client base found that 80% of public and private sector companies say they are undertaking major business transformation due to:
  • desire to shift to digital business
  • desire to become more customer/constituent-centric
  • perennial activities to keep pace with regulatory changes
More than 70% of these initiatives fail to deliver the desired outcome. Process management practitioners can defy these odds by applying the latest process and change management thinking, techniques and technologies. Register for this webcast to get a sneak preview of what you’ll learn at the Gartner Business Process Management Summit.   BPMInstitute.org members are eligible for an exclusive discount. Learn more and get the discount code here.

Product Demonstration Oracle BPM Suite 11g

This workshop will give participants hands-on exposure to Business Process Management with the Oracle BPM Suite and will show how Oracle BPM Suite can be used across each phase of the BPM lifecycle to achieve continuous process improvement. This workshop will demonstrate process modeling, process improvement, process implementation, process interaction and process monitoring using a government specific use-case of construction/building permit processing across various roles and systems. Presenter Bios

BPM Outlook: Gartner Outlines 2015 Trends

Digital Business: From Process Improvement to Driving Big Change Facing continual digital disruption, companies are rethinking their business models and reinventing their processes to transform business operations for the digital age. Traditional BPM has driven tremendous efficiencies and cost reductions. Now the challenge is to apply BPM to drive growth.
Key challenges are:

Business Architecture Learning Paths & Training Roadmap

Join Gregg Rock, William Ulrich and Whynde Melaragno as they discuss:
  • A training roadmap for Business Architecture practitioners
  • The future of Business Architecture training
  • The introduction of an all-new course - Practice-Based Business Architecture
  • Course delivery by Business Architecture Guild Board Members William Ulrich and Whynde Melaragno
  • Updates to BAInstitute.org’s core Business Architecture courses for 2014.

Meet the Author: Shelley Sweet, renown BPM expert and author of The BPI Blueprint

The BPI Blueprint provides you with a detailed plan of action to create results the first time, inspire leaders of business processes, and build invigorated skilled teams. So if you're looking for a simple, no nonsense, guide to help you develop and manage effective Business Process Improvement projects, regardless of your experience level, you've got the right book. In this conversation we will explore why Shelly wrote the book, how it's different from other books in the field, what you'll learn from the book, and how you can use its practical guides to make your projects easier and more successful.  We'll talk about the audience for the book (it's for more than BPM practitioners), and specific topics that can help your BPI projects, including: Getting Started

Gartner Outlines Transition to Digital Business

Digital business promises to be a massive disruption to all industries. Practitioners will need to reinvent core operational processes for the digital industrial economy. What are the forces driving digital business disruption? How do you deal with digital business? Janelle Hill shares Gartner's perspective on Process Reinvention, steps that practitioners should take to capitalize on Digital Business and Business Moments and a sneak preview of major themes that will be a part of Gartner's BPM Summits in 2014. Attend this webcast to learn:

State of Business Decision Management & Decision Modeling

Business Decision Management is an approach that allows you to take advantage of powerful technologies, particularly business rules management systems and predictive analytics. Applying decision management allows you to develop agile, analytic and adaptive systems that deliver significant business ROI. In this webcast, hear James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions and Editorial Director for Business Decision Management at BPMInstitute.org, introduce Business Decision Management. He’ll outline key concepts and technologies describe the kinds of decisions to focus on, outline the value proposition for business rules management systems and introduce the new Decision Model and Notation standard and its role in developing decision models alongside your process models.

Business is Changing, Can Your Applications Keep Up?

Mobile, social and big data analytics are opening doors.
In most organizations applications fall far behind the business needs. The gap between what application can deliver and what business needs keeps widening as soon as you implement an application. How can you make sure that that your applications are always aligned with business needs? New age technologies like mobile, social, big data analytics are opening doors for opportunities that were never possible before. Are your applications creating a hurdle in leveraging these technologies? Are you able to deliver the right experience to your customers? In this session we will discuss how Business Process Management (BPM) helps not only in reducing the gap between applications and business needs but also how it enables extending the applications with capabilities like social and mobile.

BPM Outlook: Gartner Outlines 2013 Trends

BPM is more important today than ever before. Only the most agile enterprise stands a chance in today's constantly-changing business environment. Many are struggling, even more are falling behind. Janelle Hill shares Gartner’s perspective on the top BPM trends and opportunities for 2013. Janelle will also share's the results of a Gartner survey in which chief-level executives identified the approaches they are using to achieve their business objectives. Learn how leading BPM teams are:

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