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How to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Government Services

The Role of Conflict Resolution in Implementing Process Change

2015 Business Process Management Salary Survey Report

Examining the profile, skills and compensation of BPM professionals around the world.The 2015 salary survey of BPM Professionals represents the first such survey by and as such will form the baseline for future research in this area. The objective was to examine the profile, skills, and compensation of BPM professionals around the world. This research examines factors such as age, gender, education, job satisfaction, salary and bonus, certification, background, and other characteristics. Includes:

Collaboration is Not a Four Letter Word

Ten Steps To Design A Powerful Business Architecture Practice

Process Ownership

The Life Cycle of BPM Centers of Excellence - Part 2

Building the Modern Business Architecture, Decision by Decision

How Do I Know This Is The Right Process?

Eliminating the Strategy Execution Gap with Business Process Management

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