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Business-Driven Transformation Strategies & Roadmaps

Lean Six Sigma Roles in BPM? Don’t Fight - Join or Complement

Business Architecture Learning Paths & Training Roadmap

Join Gregg Rock, William Ulrich and Whynde Melaragno as they discuss:
  • A training roadmap for Business Architecture practitioners
  • The future of Business Architecture training
  • The introduction of an all-new course - Practice-Based Business Architecture
  • Alignment with the BA Guild’s Body of Knowledge (BIZBOK)
  • Updates to’s core Business Architecture courses for 2014.

Meet the Author: Shelley Sweet, renown BPM expert and author of The BPI Blueprint

The BPI Blueprint provides you with a detailed plan of action to create results the first time, inspire leaders of business processes, and build invigorated skilled teams. So if you're looking for a simple, no nonsense, guide to help you develop and manage effective Business Process Improvement projects, regardless of your experience level, you've got the right book. In this conversation we will explore why Shelly wrote the book, how it's different from other books in the field, what you'll learn from the book, and how you can use its practical guides to make your projects easier and more successful.  We'll talk about the audience for the book (it's for more than BPM practitioners), and specific topics that can help your BPI projects, including: Getting Started

Difficult People in the Virtual World - (part 2 of The Virtual Team Facilitator)

The Consequences of BPM without BDM

Change - Too Much of a Good Thing?

Requirements at the Speed of Business

Evolving From Human-Centric to Social-Centric BPM

Business Process Management is a Team Sport: Play it to Win!

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