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The Life Cycle of BPM Centers of Excellence - Part 1

Balanced Scorecard: A Model for Improving Government Performance

Why is it Process Improvement Initiatives Never Quite Pan Out as Advertised?

Understanding the Digital Economy: SOA vs. APIs

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The basic mechanism for sharing across team and organizational boundaries is called an API. Modern APIs are flexible ways of projecting capabilities to an audience outside of your own team, in a controlled fashion. When done right, APIs enable enterprises to innovate faster and reach new audiences. Twitter has an API that allows you to tweet using the app of your choice; you don’t have to go to twitter’s web site. has an API that allows a merchant to plug into their retail platform; you don’t need to create your own merchant portal. Your own enterprise probably has an API that allows one of your mobile apps to talk to the backend customer system; the mobile team does not need to understand the intricacies of the way the member system works.

Extending your enterprise - SOA vs. APIs

Business Process Automation RFI

Business process management (BPM) needs can vary widely, from top-down business transformation initiatives to smart process applications to enterprise resource planning, marketing, social and more. With this breadth and depth of reach, BPM - and BPA, business process automation - are more than a couple of buzzwords, they are absolutely mission critical.

To get the most out of a BPM or BPA solution, organizations need to select platforms that are quick to deploy, agile once in service and show measurable value over time.

There are plenty of offerings on the market today, but, how do you compare them when they offer such varying capabilities?

We've created a resource to help you efficiently compare BPM and BPA solutions by identifying the most important considerations.

How to Facilitate Successful Process Mapping Sessions

Leadership as a Process

Responsive Business Architecture

Houston, We Have A Problem: Why Effective Communication is a Key Component for BPM Efforts

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