James Taylor



The Role of Decision Modeling in Business Decision Management

Decision Management, Business Decision Management as we call it here at the BPMInstitute.org, is both an approach and a technology stack for automating and improving business decisions. The approach is about focusing on the high volume, operational decisions that must be made every day...

Creating Agility and Operational Efficiency with Decision Modeling

Decision modeling is designed to bridge the gap between business processes and the key decision-making technologies needed to transform traditional processes with digital decisioning, which typically includes both business rules management systems (BRMS) and predictive analytics. Here we’re using...

Meet the Authors: James Taylor and Jan Purchase, Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN

Organizations make thousands of automated, operational decisions every week - from targeted pricing of products to determining which customers get automatic approval, from customizing website navigation and content to satisfying regulatory mandates. How well they make these decisions drives their...

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