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Proven Steps to BPM Success

As more and more vendors enter the market and try to stake a claim to the BPM opportunity, a few leaders have emerged to create a new era of business process management – an era defined by solutions that combine flexibility with a full spectrum of process capabilities. An era defined by vendors partnering with thought-leading business and government organizations to look at processes in terms of their ability to drive organizational growth. The era of “breakaway BPM”. In this Webinar, David Holliday, CTO for Advanced Management Technology, Inc.

Avoid Compliance Silos in Business and IT – Leveraging Business Process Management

After responding to the first round of compliance requirements, businesses are now faced with a new set of internal challenges. They have come to realize that their control objectives are not always in line with business objectives. In fact, a number of businesses are experiencing additional compliance costs as a result of disconnects within their own organization. Corporate compliance, now more than ever, demands an enterprise approach. A new level of collaboration between IT and business lines is required.

Extreme Business Rules: A Vision of the Future

In this Round Table moderated by Larry Goldberg of Knowledge Partners, Inc. (KPI), featuring James Taylor of Fair Isaac, Russell Keziere of Pegasystems, Bob Evory and Mannes Neuer of Sapiens Americas, and Sumeet Malhotra of Unisys cast their eyes to the future, and draw for us a picture of the world of Business Rules two to five years out.

Building Better Applications with Intelligent Documents and Adobe LiveCycle Workflow

Complex and conflicting workflows in large organizations are time consuming and costly. These often lead to errors which are counter productive and slow down work processes. Adobe's LiveCycle Workflow and Intelligent Documents make application building fast and easy for Java developers. With its flexible tools and business logic-embedded PDF formats, multiple work systems are streamlined and automated minus the coding.

Taking The BPM Message To The Corner Office

As long as the BPM dialogue is restricted to technologists and BPM insiders, it's likely to become just another technique for squeezing out costs and making incremental performance improvements. Taking the message to "corner office" executives places BPM in its proper business context and positions it to its full potential as a technique to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. CIOs and their organizations must alert other C level executives about the true business case for BPM: It's all is about time-based competition and setting the pace of innovation in your industry.

Service Oriented Architecture: How to Invest Today Without Shooting Yourself In The Foot Tomorrow!

Please join SOAInstitute.org for the first in a series of Round Tables featuring SOA Thought Leaders.  This recently recorded Round Table features individuals responsible for driving "Services Thinking" at Sun, Software AG, IONA and BEA.  Don't miss this opportunity to hear from the CTOs and Chief Architects from these organizations - we'll debunk several myths, discuss the future of SOA and provide you with an SOA Reality Check.

The Road Ahead for BPM in 2006

Join us to learn how organizations are currently deploying BPM, what has changed in 2005 and where BPM is headed. Join us to learn how organizations are currently deploying BPM, what has changed in 2005 and where BPM is headed. Also find out how to avoid the common pitfalls and how to optimize BPM strategically and tactically. Gartner featured Research VP, Janelle Hill presents where BPM is today and where Gartner believes it is headed as well as the key mistakes many organizations make and how to avoid them. In this webcast you will learn:

7 Critical Strategies for Success in BPM

Please join two well-known BPM industry thought leaders – Peter Fingar and Setrag Khoshafian – for a provocative, informative, and interactive session as they present Seven Critical Strategies to Succeed in BPM.

Are You Ready For Extreme Competition? The Process Centric Culture

In the first webinar, we'll discuss that to be able to truly compete in the 21st century, organizations have to be able to react quickly to changing business conditions, be flexible in approaches to competition and manage resources effectively. This webinar will address how to create and manage the evolution of a process-centric culture within your organization that makes your business better suited to compete in today's world of extreme competition. Attendees will learn how best practices, centers of excellence and real execution sponsorship are becoming the critical success factors for the 21st century's industry leaders.
Are You Ready For Extreme Competition?

Enabling Cross-Enterprise Process Visibility

In a world of reduced IT budgets and application backlogs, organizations must be able to reuse services and extend legacy technology. Further, with the ability to orchestrate these services into cross-enterprise business processes, a paradigm shift can be achieved in how applications are constructed, resulting in reduced costs and complexity in offering new services to customers. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA) has achieved this paradigm shift with the deployment of an SOA-based, business process-driven infrastructure.
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