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Putting the Business Back in 'Business Rules' (and keeping it there) Part 1

An enterprise pursues its mission by the formulation of policy, and these policies are implemented by rules that permeate the business. But where are these rules kept, and how do they relate to the policies that supposedly gave them birth? Typically they are buried in documents, peoples minds, policy manuals, and most frequently in business system software code. And not only is their existence forgotten – but there very purpose lies buried under strata of system changes and evolutions.

Lessons from the Resilient Enterprise – How Winners Build for Change

Today's global enterprises are confronted with a wide array of unplanned disruptions, including events such as Hurricane Katrina and 9/11. International supply chain expert Yossi Sheffi will describe how a company building for change and flexibility throughout its supply chain is able to reduce risk AND create a competitive advantage in the increasingly volatile marketplace. BPM industry thought leader Alan Trefler will explain how BPM systems provide organizations with the ability to be agile in responding to the inevitable…change, planned and unplanned.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Process Management – A How-To Guide for Success

All the current industry studies point to the need for streamlined business process and improving and simplifying process is at the top of most CEO’s strategic and technical agenda. The reality is that making process work for your people is the key to competitive advantage and business survival. Yet most organizations’ process improvement initiatives fail or are paralyzed before they start for a variety of reasons – unclear definition, inconsistent or non-existent business requirements, lack of sponsorship. The result?

The "Living Enterprise Architecture" Journey

This session will address a method for managing a "Living Enterprise Architecture" (EA) over many years, based on a dynamic model, with content that is adaptable and growing as the business grows. The presentation will explain the importance of evolving and adapting an EA as the company and business modeling requirements grow.

Top 10 Reasons to Start BPM

Business process are coming under intense analysis and the need to understand process cycle times and process activities has many organizations embracing BPM Suites to deliver agile processes and drive cost savings across the enterprise.  In fact, according to a recent CIO Insight study, BPM was ranked #1 by IT executives as the new technology that will make the most significant contribution to carrying out their company’s business strategy.

Intent-Driven Customer Processes: The Next Evolution in CRM

Organizations are working to streamline and improve their customer interaction processes in order to become closer to their customers. However, the best possible action in any interaction is dynamic and based on the changing needs of both the customer and the organization.

When ECM Isn't Enough?

Too often BPM and ECM technologies are treated synonymously. However, BPM and ECM are in fact two very different technologies. While ECM technologies deliver content and document management capabilities, they do not generally provide the more relevant process-centric technologies that allow you to automate, measure and continuously improve processes. Come hear featured Gartner research director, Toby Bell, discuss the value of process-enabled content. In this live discussion, Mr.

Service-Orient or Be Doomed: Why Business will Care more about SOA than IT

Business people have generally been unable to grasp the language of how to best use IT to meet changing requirements, and IT departments are divorced from understanding changing business requirements. Business people have generally been unable to grasp the language of how to best use IT to meet changing requirements, and IT departments are divorced from understanding changing business requirements. Companies often think that business and technology are two different worlds, with different languages, priorities, and best practices; they couldn't be more wrong.

The Rules for Smarter Business Processes

The value of BPM has been clearly demonstrated in its ability to model, orchestrate and report on both human and system-based workflows. A Business Rules Management System (BRMS) takes BPM to a new level of efficiency and sophistication through its ability to automate decisions within processes. Fair Isaac Corp. and Knowledge Partners Inc.

Extending Processes Beyond the Edge Points of BPM

Join us as we traverse the edge points of BPM with Adobe. Realize the full potential of automating human-centric business processes. Streamline operations, enhance customer communications, and improve your organization's ability to comply with regulations. Adobe process management solutions enable you to automate, manage, and track the processes that capture critical data and extend the reach of core business applications. Join us as we traverse the edge points of BPM with Adobe.
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