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What is Business Architecture and Why Has it Become So Important?

Business architecture is the critical bridge between business strategic and operational planning and technology at an enterprise level. This Round Table will explain why it is becoming more important in 2008. Business Architecture survey results will also be discussed.  Featured Speakers William Ulrich, President, TSG, Inc. and Co-Chair BPMInstitute.org’s Business Architecture Conference Series
William Ulrich is President of TSG, Inc. and a strategic planning consultant.

Tipping Points Round Table Series - BDM with BPM and SOA: Exploring The Relationships

Business Decisions are the missing link joining BPM and SOA to Business Rules. The Round Table explores strategies for maximizing ROI for operational business decisions and BPM/BDM projects. It discusses the benefits attained and agility gained when organizations externalize and manage Decisions and Business Rules. This round table is now available on-demand.

Personalized Insurance: Leveraging BPM, BR and SOA in Insurance

Competitive pressures, poor investment returns, substantial claims payouts, demanding customers and independent agents, new regulatory challenges and complicated processes have led to increased complexity in insurance operations.  Insurance professionals must be flexible and move quickly to respond to the conditions in their industry and achieve the three strategic objectives necessary to thrive: delivering new services, increasing customer loyalty and achieving a lower cost structure.

Collaborative Manufacturing: Leveraging BPM, BR and SOA in Manufacturing

This pre-conference session will provide an in-depth view of newer manufacturing management initiatives including CPFR®, lean manufacturing, demand driven manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing, the digital enterprise and optimized regulatory compliance. The instructor will then show how BPM can be used to most effectively meet the objectives of these initiatives by connecting information resources across the plant, the enterprise and the value chain. This program will give you the ability to identify opportunities and implement tools that address real business issues and ente

Nimble Banking: Leveraging BPM, BR and SOA in Banking

Keeping customers, attracting new customers, rapidly delivering new products, providing consistent service through multiple channels (branch office, internet, ATM, telephone) and meeting regulatory requirements is a daunting pursuit of retail bankers. This demanding proposition requires the continual development of a portfolio differentiated financial services, which requires a significant investment in transforming IT.

Smart Retailing: Leveraging BPM, BR and SOA in Retailing

Retailers exist in one of the most competitive environments in all of business. Customer taste and demand changes quickly, and leading retailers stay ahead of demand in order to survive. Keeping customers and eliciting customer loyalty is also an elusive pursuit. The challenges are more than the relatively simple matter of getting customers what they want, where and when they want it. Retailers must be keenly aware of future demand, and be ultimately anticipatory in meeting it.

BPM: Improving Productivity for Call Centers

Organizations that have call centers including help desks, outbound/inbound call centers or customer service desks are increasingly using Business Process Management (BPM), Portal and Web 2.0 technologies to differentiate the service they provide and make their operations more efficient. But where is the low-hanging fruit?

System Integrator Success: Meeting Government customer demands through BPM and SOA

Join this 60 minute web seminar as we provide the System Integrator community with information about how BPM, Portal, Web 2.0 and SOA technologies can be combined into a powerful solution that helps address critical government challenges. Don’t miss this webinar if your customers are asking you the following questions:

Collaborative BPM in Financial Services

Struggling to get a grip on technology applications in the financial services and insurance space? Join leading IT research firm Forrester and Appian and as they explore modern process-based technologies and approaches. Recent advances in Business Process Management (BPM) software coupled with proven best practices are having a tremendous positive impact on process-based areas across the enterprise. Rules engines and workflow systems are being replaced by sophisticated BPM platforms that enable business to respond with greater speed to ever-changing market conditions.

Getting the Process of BPM Right

So yes, BPM is important. Maybe even revolutionary. But getting BPM right remains a challenge as practitioners in the field know only too well. We believe that in many ways, BPM platforms have outpaced BPM practice.
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