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Upcoming Training Courses

Building a Business Architecture - On Demand - Available 24/7 - On Demand - Available 24/7

Business Architecture provides context and understanding for defining and delivering organizational strategy. This course builds both conceptual and practical knowledge of the tools and techniques...

Practice-Based Business Architecture - On Demand - Available 24/7 - On Demand - Available 24/7

It takes one set of skills to establish your business architecture but it takes another set of skills to leverage that business architecture for strategic planning, business design efforts, project deployment and governance....

Business Architecture / IT Architecture Alignment - On Demand - Available 24/7 - On Demand - Available 24/7

This training course provides attendees with the ability to establish and map formal blueprints of business and IT architectures and use these blueprints to drive solution oriented roadmaps, IT transformation funding and project...


Business Architecture: Why Businesses Require a Stakeholder Value-Driven Perspective

A recently published article entitled "Business Capability Architecture Is the Tie that Binds All” discussed how to use business capabilities to tie business strategy, enterprise change, and project portfolio prioritization. We concur that strategy, enterprise change, and portfolio management...

Business-Driven Transformation Strategies & Roadmaps

Transformation roadmaps in many businesses tend to have a heavy technology focus, to the point where organizations invest millions of dollars in initiatives with no clear business value. In addition, numerous tactical projects are funded each year with little understanding of how, or even if, they...

Business Architecture & the Role of the CIO

I get a chance to work with CIOs in various capacities that usually involve major business challenges their organizations are facing and how IT can collaborate with business to address those challenges. These discussions are generally a precursor or follow-up to a strategic assessment, which tends...

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