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Advanced Facilitation Skills - On Demand - Available 24/7 - On Demand - Available 24/7

Face-to-face and virtual facilitation skills are needed for developing a business architecture, creating a process model, leading an improvement team, or running a meeting. Learn models and practice...


Enticing Executives with Visual Analysis

Once you have your current state model, what do you do with it? How do you share it with the Process Owner and Executive Sponsor and spark their interest? My experience is that executives looking at a model that is 30 to 60 steps long are impressed and say something like, “Wow, that process is...

How to Build BPM Improvements That Work and Stick

The 3E model below provides an approach for any company to think about how their organization can start, grow, and make process improvement durable. With this approach the company improves customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and execution excellence. The 3E Model EXPERIMENT - Keep It...

Staying Out of the Weeds with BPM Process Modeling

Do you experience these challenges in trying to create a current state process model? The team gets mired in process problem details People have ideas for improvements but you are not really ready for solutions yet Some groups do the process one way and others do it a different way. Some people...

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