Simona Lovin



Future-Proofing: 3 Methods for Creating Business Value

In a previous article, Using Business Architecture to Design Future Industries, I made the case that Business Architects have an important role to play in identifying future-oriented business opportunities in emerging business sectors such as the $350B space industry. The example provided...

Using Business Architecture to Design Future Industries

Have you heard the news? Space has become Big Business. Currently evaluated at around $350 billion, studies done by investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Merrill Lynch predict that the global space economy could grow to $1 trillion or more in the 2040s. ...

The Value Creation System

“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”(Peter Drucker) This article proposes a conceptual framework for describing business organizations as complex systems, much like live organisms, whose parts function in an orchestrated manner for the sole purpose of creating customer value...

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