Raj Ramesh



A Non-Profit Profits From Business Architecture

Large companies do not have exclusivity on using the discipline of business architecture. Smaller companies and non-profits can derive tremendous value by leveraging the discipline. Like many other states, the funding for schools in Illinois has been on the decline.  A concerned group of local...

Optimizing the Address Change Process

In this article we will examine a fairly common business process, customer address change, to outline a range of alternative approaches to business process management and improvement, from a low-tech, manual “quick fix” to a service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach. The Scenario...

When BPM is Not Done Right

Much of today's Business Process Management (BPM) consideration and effort tends to focus more on the technology aspect.  Truly effective BPM, however, cannot focus entirely on technology.  In this article, we will explore three aspects of BPM that do not get as much attention as...

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