Dr. Mathias Kirchmer



Meet the Author: Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, High Performance Through Business Process Management

Strategy Execution in a Digital World This management book presents value-driven business process management as a successful discipline to turn strategy into people-and technology-based execution, quickly and at minimal risk. It shows how to achieve high performance successfully in a digital...

What has Innovation to do with Business Process Management

Why asking this question? Organizations face daily new opportunities and threats in our fast changing digital world. Companies have to establish a management discipline to integrate agile innovation into their business. The Discipline of Business Process Management (BPM) addresses this need....

High Performance through Digitalization - The BPM-Discipline as Value-Switch

The Digital World – a Powerful new Business Environment Digitalization has become a powerful force at almost every organization. The integration of products and physical objects, people, and processes based on the “internet of everything” paves the way to disruptive innovation and new business...

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