Larry Goldberg



The Five Most Important Differences Between The Decision Model and Business Rules Approaches

While many organizations have adopted The Decision Model, others are actively exploring how it may improve or totally replace their current business rules approaches.  The latter are asking the critical question: How is The Decision is Model different from what we are doing and why are...

Classifying Decision Model Structures

(How to Recognize, Classify, and Validate Common Logic Structures) It is not by accident that all decision models look similar.  The similarities reflect the rigor of The Decision Model principles, the most important being mandatory adherence to Decision Model First Normal Form. ...

The Decision Model: Breaking Barriers in Real-World Projects

The number of successes with The Decision Model is escalating.  Organizations are using The Decision Model to solve a range of business challenges and opportunities including some we did not expect.  Therefore, this month we summarize three real world projects to illustrate how...

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