John Moe



SOA and Service Catalogues

A recent survey suggests that two thirds of large organisations are looking to implement a service catalogue in the next few months.  However, the same survey also stated that less than half could articulate what benefit the service catalogue would be to the business.  Looks like we are...

SOA and Process Modelling

Being an ardent advocate of most things BPM and SOA, I am constantly disappointed, but not surprised, to find IT departments investing in development and integration tooling to support SOA that stop short of anything that contains the word ‘process’ in it. E.g. Process Modeller, Business Process...

Service Oriented Business Applications

One of the realities of SOA is that even in the most enthusiastic organisations not all services can or will be delivered by discrete services written in .NET or Java. For historical or pragmatic reasons, some of the functionality is likely to be delivered by business applications. These may be...

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