James Taylor



3 Reasons Rules Architects Are Adopting Decision Modeling

Rules Architects are increasingly using decision modeling as part of their business rules management system (BRMS) implementations. This article will explore three key benefits of using decision modeling and a BRMS.   Business Engagement  Expanded Traceability and Impact Analysis Using...

Discovering Decisions in Your Business

In previous articles we have discussed Business Decision Management, the role of decision management and decision modeling in reducing process complexity as well as the risks of focusing only on processes without considering decisions. At the heart of these articles is a focus on decisions –...

The Consequences of BPM without BDM

When BPM is pursued without pursing Business Decision Management—BDM—in parallel the direct consequence is that decisions become an afterthought in the processes that need them. In contrast, applying BDM techniques and technologies in parallel means that decisions are identified, managed and...

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