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Change Management - What is it and Why it Matters?

When introducing anything new in our individual life, in an organization or society at large, we intuitively recognize that that introduction of change must be managed or we will not achieve what we have set out to do.   Same applies when we introduce new technology including BPM...

Reinventing "Lean Thinking"

Has Lean delivered its full promise to date? Observing the evolution of the "Lean Thinking" concept in the past 30 years in North America is very interesting. A few years back,  the (yet another new) term "LEAN" was coined and brought forth, which I found fit perfectly in describing the...

Transforming an Enterprise – an Effective Approach for Implementing Change

‘The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order’ Alfred North Whitehead (b.1861 - d.1947), British mathematician and philosopher. Throughout the preceding four decades we have experienced change at a consistent and alarmingly unprecedented pace. The...

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