Ian Gotts



What hat are you wearing? Perspectives on Business Analysis

Over the last 20 years I’ve been helping companies understand, document and drive adoption of their operational business processes. It is important to recognize there are a number of different and competing personas, each of whom believe it is THEIR process content.   So to keep things simple...

Leading vs Lagging Metrics

Digital transformation was always a 5 year plan that could be put off because it was so painful. But COVID has forced organizations to make dramatic, transformational changes in 5 months or 5 weeks. And the pace of change has not let up as organizations are evolving to stay relevant in very...

Going digital or going bananas

What is clear that every company, no matter what industry needs to “go digital” to reduce costs and improve customer experience.  For some industries, it is revolution rather than evolution. “Digital” is more than just driving efficiencies, it is reevaluating business models. As whilst...

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