Glenn Smith



How Do I Know This Is The Right Process?

If you have been involved in very many BPM projects you have inevitably seen some which progressed through the entire development lifecycle with no major warning signs only to fail when put into production.  They fail because the delivered system does not solve the problem which the business...

Just in Time Process Modeling

One of the persistent criticisms of BPM is that the process definitions are too rigid to accommodate the realities of modern business.  This can deter organizations from properly evaluating how BPM can help them.  The reality is that most BPM tools offer a range of options for building...

Governance is Not a Four Letter Word

At a recent client meeting, the Chief Architect arrived a few minutes late, clearly upset. When asked what was bothering him, he muttered “Governance is a four letter word”. I am sure that many readers have shared that sentiment at some time, but it needn’t be that way. Organizations who have...

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