Gagan Saxena



Effectiveness: Making BPM relevant for CEOs/CFOs

Decision modeling adds explicit effectiveness metrics to the more generally accepted efficiency metrics generated by business process modeling,giving the full picture to the Executive Suite. Process efficiency measures throughput, costs, error-rates and similar, while process effectiveness...

What About Unstructured Processes?

The race to define, standardize, automate and improve processes started with Henry Ford’s assembly lines. This ‘structuring’ of processes has driven tremendous productivity benefits for organizations, and managers are therefore trained to consider the organization to be a sum total of its...

Smarter Systems: Applying Decision Management

All systems are active participants in business decision making to some degree. The logic coded into business systems allows a level of ‘smartness’, and this is then amplified by the decision logic used by users - resulting in smart business operations. So, if we want to make the entire...

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