Faun deHenry



Culture Matters!

Over the last year much of my thinking and conversations with colleagues have involved an examination of corporate culture and how it affects various initiatives and attempts to make organizational changes. Enter "corporate culture" in a search engine and you see millions of links to classes,...

The 6 C's of Process Improvement – The Owner's Manual

What do can you do when process improvement is needed and there is no executive sponsor available?You can do nothing while you and your co-workers continue to suffer the pain of a poor or broken process. Alternatively, you can take action! This is exactly what a colleague of mine did at a...

Balanced Approach to Process Metrics

As business process management understanding matures within organizations, new challenges will arise. Sometimes it helps to know how other disciplines have addressed similar issues as it avoids the “reinventing the wheel” syndrome. For the last decade forward thinking organizations have conducted...

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