Faun deHenry



Process, Outcomes and Metrics

Recently there was a discussion among various BPM experts about process, outcomes, and Deming [http://bpm.com/bpm-today/in-the-forum/is-it-still-true-we-should-work-on-our-process,-not-the-outcome-of-our-processes] that has me questioning the different ways business process professionals think...

Metrics and Business Process

I learned the importance of metrics and predictive analysis from an unlikely source in an odd place — the McDonald’s near my college — yes, the place with the golden arches! When I started working there, I didn’t know about Ray Kroc or his revolutionary idea about portion control. I simply wanted...

Culture Change and Business Process - Solution Approach No. 1

  Perhaps you recall my recent article  - “Culture Matters.” Included in the article were approaches that my colleagues and I had used over the years to support change and transformation in a variety of organizations. I had listed various approaches and the first bullet in that article...

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