Doug McDavid



Boundary Information Structures

1.0 Introduction Let’s take a few minutes to explore a subject that’s at the heart of the challenge of running a business, and by extension, also at the heart of providing expert architectural services on behalf of business leadership. This discussion will focus on approach to analyzing and...

An All-Services Approach to Modeling Business

“Man is the model-making organism par excellence … Myths, philosophical systems, and science represent different types of models of what social scientists call cognitive systems. The purpose of the model is to enable the user to do a better job in handling the enormous complexity of life. By...

Business Architecture: A Noble Profession

The ProfessionLet’s take a little time to think together about this profession, this discipline, that we call business architecture.  It’s not uncommon to find discussions about how to define this discipline, its responsibilities, and where it should report in an organization structure.  ...

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