Daniel Morris



Business Architect, Process Architect, Enterprise Technology Architect

What is going on? The business transformation industry is growing and starting to stratify. Many corporate managers have now recognized the enormity of what must be dealt with and are starting to look at grouping practitioners by specialized skills and capabilities. This grouping has now formed...

BPM, Lean, and Six Sigma - Better Together

Business improvement disciplines today are generally looked at as competing with one another. This article takes a different position. It is our belief that each of the major disciplines, BPM, Lean, and Six Sigma, have weaknesses that the others fill and that together, they provide a change...

Getting Started in BPM

While there is no one right way to get started in BPM, there are some guidelines that will make your life a lot easier. It should be remembered that getting started in BPM will be based on a belief in process oriented operational improvement and your ability to sell BPM to your management....

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