Daniel Morris



Meet the Author: Daniel Morris and Keith Leust, Business and Digital Transformation in the Age of Hyperautomation

Tune into this webcast as authors Dan Morris and Keith Leust discuss their new book, 'Business and Digital Transformation in the Age of Hyperautomation'. They will join Gregg Rock in discussing how the world of Hyperautomation is quickly changing and they will explore the impact of...

Hyperautomation - Are You Ready to Adapt?

The business world is about to enter another cycle of major change. This cycle will definitely change every part of business operations and the way companies interact with customers. The driving forces are not only automation and advance technology but most importantly, the pace at which both are...

Hyperautomation, Disruption, Continuous Business, and Digital Transformation are the Foundations of the Future

We have entered the age of hyperautomation - the release of advanced new technologies is constant and is changing the world as we know it today. These advances are in automated capabilities, in automated tools, and in wonderful new technologies that will affect our lives in untold ways. These...

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