Daniel Morris



Hyperautomation, Disruption, Continuous Business, and Digital Transformation are the Foundations of the Future

We have entered the age of hyperautomation - the release of advanced new technologies is constant and is changing the world as we know it today. These advances are in automated capabilities, in automated tools, and in wonderful new technologies that will affect our lives in untold ways. These...

Coming out of the Pandemic Business Slowdown

...or Maybe Shutdown Would Describe it Better: A Case Study There is no consistency to the business shutdown between states, counties, industries or anything I can think of. Each governor handled it differently and most of the time the rules really didn’t make sense. But one thing is clear, the...

Collaboration- More than Meets the Eye

Has your company adopted collaboration as part of its culture? If it has, you have a good start - great first step. But experience on transformation projects had shown me that collaboration is more than agreeing to send a representative to group meetings. It is also more than having managers...

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