Daniel Madison



The Eight Wastes in a Process

Taiichi Ohno, a major contributor to the Toyota Production System, identified seven wastes that can exist in processes. Jeffery Liker, a professor at the University of Michigan added an eighth. If the wastes are removed or reduced, significant benefits can be realized. These benefits are...

Case Study: Applying Process Design Principles

Dan Madison is a principal in Value Creation Partners. He facilitates process improvement using lean, six sigma, reengineering, and continuous improvement techniques. Dan is the author of Process Mapping, Process Improvement, and Process Management. Dan Madison has studied what a business process...

The Time Lens

Time is a critical dimension of customer satisfaction and cost reduction. Getting products and services to customers in a speedy fashion is a value-adding activity. By beating your competitors to market, you gain sales and market share. As a cost-reduction strategy, time reduction can be very...

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