Daniel Madison



The Value of Improving and Managing Processes

What is a process? A process is a combination of steps and activities that creates some output or result. It represents the flow of work and information through an organization. It is the mechanism for creating and delivering value to a customer. Process and Department What is a process? A process...

Closing the IT and Business Divide

Millions of dollars spent, countless hours wasted, and frustrated business users seem to be fairly standard outcomes when IT and business try to work together. While this problem seems apparent, little progress has been made. What is happening?I believe two key factors are in play. First both the...

The Five Implementation Options to Manage the Risk in a New Process

How do you manage the risk and uncertainty concerning a new process design? Below are five options ranging from low-risk suggestions to ones that imply higher risks. Role-Playing, Practice, and Simulation The least risky option is to role-play, practice, or simulate the new design. To use a...

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