Best Practices for Digital Transformation: Culture in Action

Foundation course for the Cultural best practices, leadership, and competencies for organizations' or business leaders' Digital Transformation journeys - leveraging No Code, Hyperautomation, and other key technologies.

Coming in 2022: March 16-17, 2022

Digital Transformation journeys start with Culture. This course will identify the most important cultural trends and expand upon Best Practices to realize the transformational outcomes. Some of the key Cultural trends expanded in the course include Virtualization, Organizational Flattening, Decentralization, and Servant Leadership. The course will also delve into Continuous Innovation techniques - especially Desing Thinking.

The Culture in Action for Digital Transformation aligns the Best Practices to various core Digital Technologies. Key technologies that will be thought from a Culture in Action perspective include Hyperautomation through No Code platforms, IoT and Blockchain for Decentralized Organizations, and Process Mining and Data Science to optimize operations.

The human dimension in Best Practices for Digital Transformation is essential for success. The course will delve deeper into the leadership and organizational dimensions of Digital Transformation, especially highlighting the Servant Leadership traits. One of the most important traits is empowering, budgeting, and supporting Continuous Innovation via Design Thinking. The course will also provide the roles and functions of the Digital Transformation Competency Center (DX CC)- which is the context of Continuous Innovation. For the DX CC, the course will illustrate several Best Practice reference architectures and the Cultural empowerment with Citizen Developers and Citizen Data Scientists.

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Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Digital Transformation Culture
  • Servant Leadership: What will it take?
  • Flattened Organization: Culture and Virtualization Technologies
  • Culture for Continuous Innovation: Design Thinking and Design Sprints
  • Empowering Citizen Developers through Low Code/No Code
  • Acceleration via Hyperautomation
  • Connected and Decentralized Organization: IoT and Blockchain Technologies
  • The Cultural Dimensions of the Technology Enablers
  • Digital Transformation Competency Centers
  • Prioritizing Culture in Action Roadmap
  • Conclusions and Take-Aways

Unique Value of Course:

This course will enable business leaders at all levels to grasp and apply Cultural trends essential for the organization. The course will balance Digital Technologies with actionable Best Practices in the Digital Transformation Competency Center. At completion, the students will be able to prioritize their cultural and operational backlogs.


  • Understand all the Cultural dimensions of Digital Transformation (DX) holistically
  • Learn all the Best Practices especially for Continuous Innovation
  • Identify Servant Leaders and clarify their role in the DX journey
  • Actionable DX Competency Center (CC) scope and Best Practices
  • Learn how to Think Big and Transformational yet Start Small and succeed
  • How to prepare your organization Culture for the accelerated Digital Transformation trends

Who Should Attend:

  • Chief Executive Officer and/or President
  • Chief Innovation Officer (the transformed CIO!)
  • Chief Operations Officer (COO - or equivalent)
  • Chief Human Resources Manager
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Digital Transformation Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • VP of Development
  • VP of Product Management
  • Operational Excellence Business Leaders: Lean Six Sigma Black Belts
  • Digital Transformation Business Leaders
  • VP of Professional Services
  • VP of Enterprise Architecture
  • VP of Process and Data Science

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