Agile BPM Roles and Responsibilities

The Agile BPM Roles and Responsibilities class focuses on how to implement agile in BPM projects. Participants will learn how to apply agile principles to BPM and the process life cycle. In addition they will learn how to adapt roles in agile and how to setup BPM work in order to deliver value more quickly to internal and/or external customers.

Agile BPM Roles and Responsibilities provides the foundation for any BPM professional who wants to apply agile basics to Business Process Management.  More and more companies are finding that agile principles can be successfully applied to process improvement initiatives resulting in faster delivery of value to customers.  This course teaches BPM professionals how to implement the agile methodology within their BPM program.  Specific topics covered include processes, process management cycle, agile principles for BPM, project management in agile, and redefining agile roles for BPM.  Exercises are interwoven into the lessons to provide hands-on practice and allow the students to discuss real-world implementation.  Whether you are a BPM analyst who is working with scrum teams or a leader who wants to use agile principles in your process improvement department, this class is for you. 


Course Outline:

  • Benefits of Utilizing Agile in BPM
  • General BPM Stages
  • Process Management Cycle
  • Agile Principles for BPM
  • Traditional Agile Roles
  • Agile BPM roles
  • Responsibilities for Agile BPM Roles
  • Organizing Your BPM Work for Agile

Unique Value of Course:

Agile BPM Roles and Responsibilities presents actionable insights into how to implement agile into your BPM program including creating new roles for agile teams. Participants will learn how to setup BPM work to best deliver value quickly as well as how to effectively organize agile teams for their different projects.


  • List the basics of processes for agile BPM.
  • Understand the agile principles for BPM.
  • Successfully position the BPM analyst within the agile space.
  • Discuss BPM project management within agile.
  • Understand how to deal with groups outside of agile structure.
  • Organize BPM projects for delivering value quickly.

Who Should Attend:

  • BPM Analysts
  • Process Analysts
  • Scrum Team Members
  • Business Architects
  • BPM Leaders
  • Managers in any of these areas

Whether your BPM analysts are working directly with agile scrum teams or advising agile scrum teams, this course will explain agile BPM roles and responsibilities to allow them to better understand and contribute to the agile teams.

Recommended Prior Courses:

Agile Methodology for BPM

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