The Great 21st Century Business Reformation

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As long as the BPM conversation is restricted to technologists and BPM insiders, it’s likely to become just another technique for squeezing out costs and making incremental performance improvements. On the other hand, for some early pioneers where the conversation has reached the board room, BPM portends much more. Indeed, there is a Next Big Thing in business, but it's not just about technology and incremental improvement; it's about operational transformation, driven by the emergence of a wired, flat world. It's about the fusion of business operations and information technology to the point of unity. That transformation is well under way, and is on a scale that can only be called the great 21st century business reformation, where 20th century business doctrines, dogmas and practices are being called into question. This keynote is an exploration of this epic change, and a call to action.

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