The Key Ingredient to the Implementation of Operational Excellence = Training

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Implementing operational excellence so that the enterprise benefits is an important issue that needs close examination. An operational excellence strategy model implementation should result in a business management system that encourages process improvement so that the organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs) benefit. In order to accomplish this successfully we must have the appropriate skills available to the organization.

Operational Excellence stresses usage of methods and tools that result in the sustainable improvement of key performance metrics (KPIs). Wikipedia notes that much of the operational excellence management philosophy is based on continuous improvement methodologies; e.g., Business Process Management (BPM),Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and project management. In order to be successful, organizations need practitioners with skills in BPM, Six Sigma, and LSS.

The thought leaders at BPMInsitute.Org have developed two programs to help develop those skills. We have developed two certificate programs: 

  1. OpEx Professional Certificate (for LSS Blackbelts and Greenbelts)
  2. OpEx Associate Certificate (for BPM professionals)

Each program is tailored to the enhance skills of the two different groups.

The OpEx Professional Certificate is intended for skilled process improvement professionals to who are ready to take your organization’s improvement program to the next level, or to potentially lead an OpEx program. In this series of courses you will learn how successful organizations align and execute strategy and apply BPM, Six Sigma and Lean to manage and improve their value chain processes.

The course structure will enhance your understanding of the various skills, tool and methods required to lead an Operational Excellence initiative. We will help to combine your understanding of BPM, with your knowledge of Six Sigma, and Lean to lead improvement your organization’s performance. This program will help enhance your skills to be prepared for the next wave of process improvement. We will provide the cutting edge thinking for you to improve your organization applying the latest methods in organizational and process improvement. These skills will help advance your career by leading your organization into the future with OpEx.

The four-course OEP Certificate program signifies that you have learned how successful organizations align and execute strategy and apply BPM, Six Sigma and Lean to manage and improve their value chain processes and completed formal training in the following critical areas:

  1. Lean Six Sigma
  2. Why BPM and LSS are Better Together
  3. Key OpEx Tools
  4. Process Modeling
  5. Process Improvement (Analysis & Design)
  6. Process Measurement
  7. Business Process Technologies
  8. Business Process Modeling Notation

This program specially designed as an alternative to Green and Black Belt Six Sigma training programs.

You must complete all the courses for the OEP certificate.

OEP Courses

The Operational Excellence Professional (OEP) Certificate signifies that you have acquired expert knowledge in critical areas. This program is an alternative program for Green Belts who want a systemic view and a technology enabled approach by leveraging a powerful combination of Six Sigma, Lean and BPM skills. It's also for Black Belts who wish to build on their knowledge of Six Sigma and Lean by mastering a broad view of Operational Excellence.
OpEx Associate Certificate was specifically developed for BPM practitioners who have not had the benefit of advanced process improvement training like LSS Green and Black Belts. Course structure will help to understand the skills, tools and methods of OpEx. This is not as advanced as a LSS Black Belt course and does not require the advanced statistical skills, but it will help advance your career by becoming a practitioner thru hands on training.

In this program you will learn the tools from experienced practitioners using hands on real life examples. By applying this knowledge, you will learn how to make a contribution to your organization through process improvement using the latest thinking, methods and tools.

We will show you how successful organizations align and execute strategy and apply BPM, Six Sigma and Lean to manage and improve their value chain processes and how you can contribute. You will understand the next steps you can take to move ahead in your career in process improvement. Advance your career through the application of the latest thinking and tools

Understand the skills, tool and methods of OpEx. The four-course OEA Certificate program signifies that you have successfully completed formal training in the following critical areas:

  1. Seven Key Elements of OpEx
  2. Value stream mapping
  3. Lean Six Sigma
  4. Why BPM and LSS are Better Together
  5. Key OpEx Tools

This is a four-course program specially designed as an alternative to Yellow Belt Six Sigma training programs.

You must complete all four courses in the OEA certificate.

OEA Courses

  • BPM 101
  • OpEx 101
  • Lean Six Sigma and BPM
  • Lean Tools in Action

The Operational Excellence Associate (OEA) Certificate is tangible evidence that you have completed your introduction to Operational Excellence. An alternative to traditional Yellow Belt programs, this integrated, comprehensive program provides you with the powerful combination of Six Sigma, Lean and BPM skills.


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