Introducing Agile BPM

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Here at BPMInstitute (BPMI), we’ve taught agile business analysis and business process management courses to numerous Business Analysts and BPM practitioners. A frequent question from our students continues to be - can we apply agile to business process management?

The answer is YES! By combining agile with BPM, you can create agile BPM to benefit your organization with more efficiency, consistency, and quality in your BPM initiatives.

Most importantly, you will deliver value to your process users more frequently. 

This new methodology is created by applying the agile values, principles, and concepts to BPM initiatives and projects. The agile software development life cycle becomes the agile BPM delivery life cycle. Agile ceremonies and techniques are adapted for use in BPM; BPM techniques benefit from having agile concepts applied to them as well. 

The focus for agile BPM is on software-enabled dynamic processes.

BPMI has developed a new four-course Agile BPM certificate program which will teach you how to add agile to BPM.

  • Starting with Agile Methodology for BPM, you will learn how to apply agile values, principles, and concepts to BPM to define and prioritize BPM projects. Examine multiple approaches for applying agile to your BPM projects which will allow you to focus your efforts in the best way for your organization. 

  • Agile BPM Roles and Responsibilities teaches you how to functionally decompose your BPM initiatives and structure your BPM department to accomplish your agile BPM objectives. Learn the roles and responsibilities necessary to implement agile BPM no matter which approach your organization chooses. 

  • In Agile Techniques for BPM, you get hands-on experience in many techniques from both agile and BPM for use in agile BPM. Discover the theory behind and gain experience in splitting stories for refinement, user story mapping to create and gain agreement on Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and road mapping to visualize and communicate the plan for the process. 

  • In the final course, Agile BPM in Action, you will have an immersive experience in the sprint cycle for agile BPM from sprint planning to sprint demo and everything in between - a learning experience that will reinforce the previous three classes and add layers of details for implementing this new methodology.

Check out the complete course descriptions online and see the schedule for upcoming classes. We welcome dedicated classes as well if you want to train your entire department at once in a class customized for your organization. 

You asked, we’ve responded! We hope to see you in one of our upcoming online training classes.

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How to apply Agile Concepts to Business Process Management and Business Analysis


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