Big Data: A Lure For Businesses Today

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Businesses from across the globe - both large enterprises and small and medium businesses - want to improve their operations and advance. This is where technology is crucial. Data science and analytics is changing the way we do marketing and has given us many new opportunities for profit, growth and so on. 

Big data analytics is enabling enterprises to do many tasks in real time and with ease. This rapid digitalization has given companies many new opportunities and choices. 

Global revenues in big data and business analytics has increased from $130 billion to more than $203 billion in the future. 

Big data science and analytics include statistics, math and many other mechanisms which enable companies to analyze data and get valuable information from it. The amount of data is increasing with each day. 

Using AI tools and machine learning, people are doing predictive analytics and gathering results which are actually meaningful and valuable to different parts of the company and operations. These estimates are accurate, and they enable the business to grow effectively. 

All of the data that a company possess can enable it to come up with a plan for the future - equipment, payment and attendance, customer data and so on. Data science can also give the company a better understanding of what can and will happen when it comes to a specific problem. 

“Tools like customer analytics and social media analytics enable companies of all sizes to better understand their customers and potential markets where they can expand. It can also provide competition analytics,” says Hugh Goslin, a project manager at WriteMyAustralia and Simple Grad.

Insights on business performance and various other elements have also made it more convenient for companies to predict trends. Developing business plans is now much easier because risk is much lower than before due to all of these possible predictions and analytics tools. 

Machine learning and AI are also redefining business and marketing - especially because of the data science. AI is all about smart machines while machine learning is all about algorithms that are used to teach it new things and absorb behaviour patterns. 

Machine learning, though, couldn’t operate without analytics. The benefits of the AI come from feeding it the right data - especially if data science experts do it.

This is what makes the data science and AI share that relationship - they are complementing each other and making the businesses more productive and effective in what they do. All of these technologies synchronized can be seen in chatbots or assistants, for instance. 

“The big data field is also one of the most lucrative job seeking industries. There is a gap in the market that needs experts who will work with the data, AI and Machine Learning. The salaries are skyrocketing and you can never find enough professionals to fill a huge demand,” says Ben Hopkins, a data researcher at Revieweal and UKWritings.

There are so many job positions in AI and Big Data across industries in many countries across the globe. 

Data based decision making is also gaining popularity. Excel as an analytics tool is long gone and new and better options are now in its place. 

  • There have been improvements in languages like Python
  • ERPs process information and provide easy ways to comprehend the data
  • Google Analytics is used mostly in marketing departments

So, the things are changing and only the smartest ones will make it on the market. The global economy is growing and it’s fast paced which means that advancements happen quickly. This is propelling companies to use these advancements to grow and expand their businesses more and more. Big data has certainly reshaped many things including marketing and marketing strategies which paved the way for more profit and growth. The digital age has made the big data a new and unbelievable advantage for anyone using it. The data volume is predicted to grow to 44 trillion gigabytes which will mean that all the previous trends will look tiny compared to that. 

Data science has made an impact on both the world and the IT sector but there will have to be continuous investment of time and resources as well as more research and development in order to enable businesses to benefit from the data. 


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