5 Steps to Creating a Process-Centric Organization Without Losing Human Touch!

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A process-centric organization works on the principle of dividing a task or a project into separate, individually executable stages to get efficient results. These processes go through their development lifecycle including stages of design, development, testing and quality check, etc. However, maintaining a ‘human-touch’ within the organization becomes tedious!

Such organizations tend to be exclusively result-oriented, as they divide projects into stages and the output of each stage should be as per the organization’s standards.

 The attributes of a process-centric company are:

  • There is a proper understanding of the key processes that provide a competitive edge to the company
  • They focus on meeting the customer goals, which at times can be at the cost of functional goals
  • The industry is structured around processes or value streams

 As stated above, in process-centric organizations the workload on employees tends to be more and hence they tend to lose the human touch.

 Here are the tips to create a process-centric organization without losing it!

  1. Define realistic and clear goals

In a process-centric organization, defining your target goal is the most essential key to getting desired results. Defining realistic and clear goals ultimately helps organizations to focus on the right priorities and progress helps employees stay motivated to drive the right outcomes

  • Why do we need to define realistic and clear goals? 

 It is because clear goals are target oriented and easy to understand. Realistic goals can be achieved with a proper strategy.  We must be able to define goals and targets as per an employee’s capability. This way he performs the best to get the efficient results.

 2.  Scale expectations with reality

Always check if your employees fit into your organizations. Do best-fit hiring of the employees so that they merge well in your work environment and culture. Give achievable targets to them so that they can achieve them & stay motivated. Scale your expectations with reality, i.e., know the potential qualities and scope of improvement in your workforce!

 3.  For new employees, the learning curve matters

In a company, every department is interconnected. They have to work in sync to achieve the targets. Hence, whenever hiring a new employee, give them proper time for training for the processes of the organization & understanding peer-to-peer relationship building. This way it will be easier for the employees to blend into the culture of your process-centric organization.

 4. Mix-and-match: Innovation + Efficiency

Every process-centric organization aims at achieving effective results. The organizations must look for employees who are innovative and efficient enough to achieve the desired results. Hire those people who can;

  • Take the initiative & have enterprising nature.
  • Develop ideas and create solutions on their own.
  • They must be confident enough in getting the work done rightly!

 They must be productive, and they must respect deadlines and submit their assignments well on time so that it doesn’t hamper the company’s reputation in the market. They must also know the importance of achieving the ultimate organizational goals.

 5. Maintain a work-life balance

Usually, product-centric companies have more workload of finishing their targets well on time with the best quality. Maintain a better work- life balance in your organization to maintain a good retention rate. When we talk about work-life balance, it’s never about adding more work to the mix, but always about adding more life. Remember;

  • Your organization’s success depends on your employees. Your aim should be to add value to their lives.
  • Allow them to pay attention to their personal life! It is all about giving them the motivation to work harder and dedicate their time to the organization.

Assign tasks to those employees who know better and are willing to tackle that particular task. This way it is easier for them to come with more and better ideas since they already know about it. Be open and available to them. This way your employees will appreciate how you care and nurture them as your employees. Make training and learning available. Your employees can learn and gain more knowledge through training, seminars and other work-related learning activities. This will also help them to unleash their hidden talents that can be of good use to their work.


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