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Whether you are just getting started or you are a seasoned veteran, supports your career in many areas:

  • Individual BPM Skills Self-Assessment
  • Resources - articles, webcasts and white papers
  • Exam Study Materials - on- and off-site study materials
  • Training Courses
    • Individual Training Courses - tactical skills
    • Certificate of Training - strategic problem solving

Individual BPM Skills Self-Assessment

Aspiring and veteran BPM practitioners alike can use this self-assessment to determine current strengths and weaknesses across six critical Practice Areas. It will also help you determine your odds of obtaining a BPM Certification. Take the BPM Skills Self-Assessment now »

BPM Resources has been publishing focused business process management content, including articles, research and webcasts since 2003. There's a wealth of information in our resources section. We recommend browsing the BPM topical resources section.

Exam Study Materials

Many reference works, including books, papers, articles, specifications and frameworks were used to create the BPM certification exam. You can view them all here »

Exam Study Guide

The study guide contains sample exam questions and answers, exam overview and approach to taking the exam, references and reading materials and detailed overviews of each coverage area. Learn more about the Certified BPMP Exam Study Guide »

Training Courses

BPM Training Learning PathsAccess the industry’s best training on BPM disciplines and methodologies with the flexibility to learn on your terms. Take a single course to enhance your skills, become a member for discounts on training and events, or become a BPMP by earning your BPM Certificate.

You have the flexibility to select On-Demand courses, attend Live Online courses, or attend upcoming BrainStorm Events in a nearby city. Whatever training you’re looking for, we deliver what you want exactly how you want it.

Training course options

  • Individual Training Courses
    When you start your BPM career, you need specific skills training to effectively implement BPM solutions.
  • Certificate Programs
    When you complete our eight-course curriculum, you earn a BPM Certificate - our in-depth training program that provides comprehensive education for strategic problem solving.

Get Started

To get started, take the BPM Skills Self-Assessment to identify your strengths and weaknesses across six critical Practice Areas. You can also use our Learning Paths Guide to select the courses that are right for your career path and BPM job responsibilities. If you plan to take more than two or three courses, we suggest you register for the BPM Certificate Program to save more than $2,000. Professional Membership is included for two years. If you want to take a few courses first, you can apply the courses you've taken towards the cost of the BPM Certificate at a later date.

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Prepare for Certification

Study materials and references include:

  • Process Improvement books
  • Articles, webcasts white papers
  • Industry standard specifications
  • Select Process Frameworks
  • Individual Skills Self-Assessment
  • Learning Paths for Prof Dev

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