Dean Heltemes



The Moderating Business Architect: Lessons from the Field

The older you get and the longer you work, the more you start to see recurrences of major events from your corporate past.  Centralize/decentralize.  Outsource/insource.  Distribute/consolidate.  Specialize/generalize.  Scott Adams of Dilbert fame helped us all to realize...

The Pace Setting Business Architect: Lessons From the Field

You don't need me to tell you that the pace of disruption and change in business is already immense and is accelerating. The Wall Street Journal several years ago published an interesting comparison of how long it takes for a new product to reach 50 million users. Updates to this have been popping...

Lessons from the Field: The Bold Business Architect

Picture this: you get this fabulous opportunity to work with a business on bringing its new strategy to life. They share with you the fanciest PowerPoint slides you have ever seen describing their vision, mission, and the tremendous opportunities they see in the marketplace and how uniquely they...

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