Dean Heltemes



The Digital Business Architect: Lessons from the Field

The other day I was contemplating what business capabilities were enabled by connecting a toaster to the Internet of Things. (Yes, this really exists. And no, I didn't come up with an answer.) Clearly technology is having an impact on every aspect of our lives and many business architects now...

The Politically Savvy Business Architect: Lessons from the Field

When people ask me what I do for a living I often joke that I manage chaos and keep people aligned.  In other words, I deal with the politics that plague every organization.  It feels like I spend the majority of my time clarifying what was actually said, convincing people that they agree...

The Eloquent Business Architect: Lessons from the Field

hot button word - Nouni. a word that triggers a highly charged emotional or political response Words matter. I'm sure you've experienced something like this before: you walk into a meeting with business leaders, totally prepared and ready to convince them that one of your fancy business...

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