Renée Gendron



Conflict Resolution in Process Management

Jocelyne received angry stares from both Keith and Arneil. Jocelyne had wanted to improve their production process to be more nimble and responsive to changing product needs. Both Keith and Arneil were convinced that their operations were fine the way they were. Sales were steady and in a weak...

Factors Affecting the Leadership of Process Improvement Teams

Adèle selected her process improvement team very carefully. She needed to ensure that different types of expertise and knowledge were represented. Each of her team mates had specialised knowledge of a particular division of the company. Every single one also came to the table with a unique career...

The Role of Conflict Resolution in Implementing Process Change

Corinne was at first very pleased to have been asked to implement a process change. She was the one who first identified a problem in operations and who suggested a few modifications to the procedure. After raising the matter several times over many months with senior executives, she finally...

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