Andrew Campbell



Value Chain Map: the heart of good operating model work

I have been teaching an executive course called Designing Operating Models for four years and the tool that I consider to be most important to good operating model work is something I call a Value Chain Map.  For those of you who work on processes, a Value Chain Map is a high-level...

The Forces Driving Process and Operating Model Changes

I keep a checklist of the technology trends to think about when redesigning processes or operating models. Things like "automation" or "digitization" or "mobility" or "social media". I am always trying to improve my checklist, which led me to two recent articles listing trends to think about, one...

How Agile is your Operating Model?

Let me start with a definition of agile as it applies to operating models or processes: “being able to turn on a dime for a dime” and “being able to change faster and more cheaply than your competitors”.   These phrases are taken from Craig Larman, who was part of the team who coined the...

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