Methodologies and Approaches for BPM - Live Online - begins June 20, 2022

June 20th - 9 AM to 5 PM PT
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Understand the similarities and differences between four seminal methodologies: Six Sigma, Lean, Reengineering and BPM. Do exercises for techniques and discuss cases in each methodology.

This course provides an overview of various methodologies and approaches commonly used in process improvement and management. Participants will understand the similarities and differences between Six Sigma, Lean, Reengineering and BPM. Exercises and case studies are used to reinforce the guiding principles and frameworks for each of the four methodologies.

The course places special emphasis on understanding process improvement techniques for the definition, modeling, analysis, improvement and management of business processes. Eleven different techniques are explained, each from one of the different methodologies. Participants learn where and how to best apply a given methodology or approach during the different BPM stages.

This course provides practical information on the four best known BPM methods and approaches, namely Six Sigma, Lean, Reengineering and BPM. The actionable exercises allow participants to connect course material to their own organizations. Discussion enables insight into BPM methods and an appreciation of best practices and pitfalls to avoid. The methodology concepts and techniques provide actionable information for both business and IT professionals.

Recommended Prior Courses:

BPM 101

Course Outline:

  • What are Methodologies
  • 4 Key Methodologies- Six Sigma, Lean, Reengineering, and BPM
  • Process Techniques for BPM Stages
    • Definition –Value Stream Mapping and Charter
    • Document – Process Modeling and Baseline Metrics
    • Assess - Voice of the Customer and Notched Time Line
    • Improve – Workout Session and Principles for Redesign
    • Manage - PDCA, Dashboards, and Governance
  • Key Roles
  • Aligning Process with Strategy
  • Putting it Altogether

Unique Value of Course:

  • Drive greater efficiency across an organization as process management becomes more pervasive
  • Demystify the rumors that BPM is a method of its own and runs counter to other proven approaches
  • Allow organizations to craft their own procedures for process discovery, modeling, and on-going management


  • Deliver a comprehensive overview of how process methods are being used today
  • Build confidence with selecting the best method for dealing with various process management challenges
  • Provide examples and case studies that depict best practices and identify pitfalls
  • Enable students to address approaches to their own unique situation
  • Learn techniques for how to manage the use of methods across an organization

Target Audience / Who Should Attend:

  • Business Analysts
  • Process Analysts
  • Business Process Managers
  • Business and Technical Leaders
  • Business Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Line of Business Managers and Supervisors

Recommended Prior Courses:

BPM 101

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