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February 6 & 7 - 1 to 5 PM ET (each day)
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Business Architecture provides context and understanding for organizational environments. This course provides an overview of key concepts of the profession and practical application of business architecture.

This course provides an overview of key Business Architecture definitions, concepts and practices with a focus on value delivery.  It explores the role and responsibilities of the business architect relative to other roles in the organization, like business analyst and enterprise architect, and provides an overview of terminology, techniques, and concepts.

It explores the notion of purpose, and class participants practice identifying value propositions and considering global, market, and enterprise factors impacting business models. An overview is provided into key, foundational Business Architecture artifacts. This course provides a broad perspective around the role and function, laying the foundation for further learning. 

This course is helpful for anyone seeking a better understanding of the role of business architect and business architecture, those leaders tasked with bringing the practice into their organizations and using it to achieve real business results.  It is also for executives who are struggling to truly transform their business to meet the demands of the new customer and compete in a fast-paced environment.

Course Outline:

  • Defining Business Architecture
  • Providing Value with Business Architecture
  • Understanding the Business Architecture Framework
  • Identify and understand the Business Value Proposition
  • Describe the key characteristics of a Business Capability Model
  • Understanding the Business Architect as a Leader and Influencer
  • Defining the Role of a Business Architect
  • Business Architecture in Context
  • Understanding Key Artifacts, Tools, and Techniques

Unique Value of Course:

  • Emphasizes Business Architecture from a true business perspective
  • Combines theoretical and practical information for both Business Architecture execution and practice development
  • Focuses on application of Business Architecture to achieve results
  • Reflects best practices being executed by some of the top organizations


Business architecture uniquely enables organizations to explore why they exist and pursue their intentions.  This course provides a broad overview of the profession and its practitioners

Target Audience / Who Should Attend:

  • Business Architects
  • Executives
  • Strategists
  • Business Analysts
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Process Analysts
  • Marketing
  • Product managers

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