Topical Suggestions for Contributions

Business Process Management

  • Agile and BPM
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • BPM and Digital Transformation
  • BPM and Customer Experience
  • BPM and IoT
  • Managing By Process
  • Process Portfolio Management
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Business Transformation• Adopting Enterprise BPM
  • Business Process Governance
  • Business Process Discovery and Modeling
  • Building a Business Process Architecture
  • Managing a business improvement project
  • Implementing BPM Suites
  • Selecting the Right Tools
  • Process Modeling with BPMN
  • Integrating Rule Engines with BPM
  • The Current State of BPM Standards
  • The BPM Tool Vendor Landscape
  • Jump-Starting Your BPM Project
  • Digital Transformation
  • Low code BPM App
  • BPM in the Cloud
  • BPM & BPMS Case Studies: Benefits Achieved, Lessons Learned

Business Architecture

Business Architecture Value Proposition

  • Business Architecture Success Stories & Case Studies
  • Selling Business Architecture at Any Level
  • Measuring Business Architecture’s Success: Methods and Metrics
  • Demonstrating Business Architecture Value To Management
  • Assessing The Business Architecture Practice
  • Creating Demand for Business Architecture Services

Business Architect’s Skills and Career

  • Attributes of Successful Business Architects
  • Basic Skills Every Business Architect Must Have
  • Thinking Paradigms for Business Architects
  • The Business Architect’s Career Path
  • Navigating Culture and Organizational Context
  • Business Architects as Change Agents

Business Architecture Methods and Techniques

  • Aligning Business Architecture with Business Strategy
  • Business Architecture’s Role in Customer Experience
  • Developing and Applying Value Stream Models
  • Developing, Assessing, and Applying Capability Models
  • Applying the Business Model Canvas
  • Non-traditional Tools for Business Architecture (SWOT, Value Chain, etc.)
  • Business Architecture Best and Worst Practices

Business Architecture Practice

  • Business Architecture Organizational Paradigm
  • Business Architecture Organizational Placement: IT or Business
  • How to Find and Hire Business Architects
  • Leading the Business Architecture Practice
  • Staffing Models and Job Families for Business Architecture
  • Kick-starting a Business Architecture Practice
  • Creating a Sustainable Business Architecture Practice

Business Decision Management

Q1: Decision Modeling and BDM
Q2: BDM and Big Data Analytics
Q3: BDM and the Real-Time Enterprise
Q4: What's next in BDM technology

  • What do we mean by BDM
  • The relationship of business rules to decisions
  • The relationship of Big Data analytics to decisions
  • The nature of operational decisions vs strategic decisions
  • The relationship between decisions, process and events (Joint topic with BPM and SOA)
  • Decision Modeling – how it fits into Business Architecture (Joint topic with BA)
  • Implementing decisions in application systems using today’s technology (Joint topic with BPM and SOA)
  • What is DMN and does it matter (Joint topic with BA)
  • What is BMM and does it matter (Joint topic with BA)
  • The technology we need to enable BDM

Organizational Performance

  • Building Effective Ownership of Business Process Improvement
  • Creating a Process Centric Organization
  • From Projects to Processes to Enterprise Business Process Maturity
  • How BPMN builds alignment between IT and the business and creates Organization Performance
  • Aligning strategy and organizational performance
  • Understanding and then Increasing Business Performance at the Value Chain Level
  • Integrating BPM Improvement Methodologies (.e.g., Six Sigma and Lean) with Organizational Performance
  • Using metrics for analysis, redesign, and management of organizational processes
  • Delivering ROI through process improvement methodologies
  • Expanding the role of business and IT to include Organizational Performance
  • Developing Capable Performance Architects
  • Developing business analysts who see with the eyes of the business
  • Bringing together BPM and Organizational Performance technology
  • Guiding the Effective Integration of Measurement Systems and Tools (balanced scorecard/management dashboards) with BPM
  • Integrating measurement systems, tools and software for maximum return
  • Directing the future of BPM and Organizational Performance Software 

Service Oriented Architecture

  • Understanding Cloud Computing Architectures
  • Cloud Computing Opportunities and Challenges
  • Service Architecture Principles and Cloud Computing
  • Designing Cloud Services for Enterprise Requirements
  • Management Strategies for Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Services Governance and Ownership
  • Developing Domain Models for Governance of Cloud Computing Services
  • Cloud Computing Case Studies: Benefits Achieved, Lessons Learned
  • Business Cloud e.g. business process as a service
  • Business Cloud: Bridging the Power of BPM, SOA and Cloud Computing
  • The Future of Cloud Computing
  • Service Providers in the Cloud Value Chain
  • Modernizing Legacy Applications into a Cloud Computing Architecture
  • Best Practices for Building a Comprehensive Inventory of Cloud Services
  • Developing Domain Models for SOA
  • Leveraging Web Services Standards for Building an SOA
  • Implementing SOA for Large-scale Requirements
  • Management Strategies for an SOA
  • Developing a Roadmap for Migration to SOA
  • Developing an ROI for Undertaking SOA Adoption
  • Modernizing Legacy Applications with SOA
  • Migrating to an Enterprise Service Bus
  • Best Practices for Building a Comprehensive Library of Enterprise Services
  • Complementing SOA with Event Driven Architecture (EDA)
  • SOA and Web Services Security
  • Establishing an SOA Center of Excellence


  • Inter-Governmental & Cross-Agency Information Sharing
  • Enterprise Strategy & Transition Management
  • Investment Planning & Enterprise Governance
  • Capabilities Maturity Modeling (e.g., for BPM, or SOA)
  • Enterprise Architecture & Federated (or Segmented) Architectures
  • Performance Management and Reporting
  • Business Process Modeling & Workforce Management
  • Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity
  • State-, Local- & Tribal-Government Matters

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