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An Incremental Approach to Enterprise Decision Management

Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) offers organizations the opportunity to lift performance in many areas of operations. Wherever business processes involve complex decisions, and these decisions must be made rapidly, in high volumes and under changing conditions, EDM will improve results.

Six Critical BPM Capabilities Close the Loop for Success

Many BPM solutions are beginning to sound very similar while most are missing key components, which are mandatory for a true end-to-end solution. Through goal management, process modeling and simulation, process and workflow management, content management, application integration and dashboard analytics, organizations can focus on seamlessly connecting their planning, objectives and goals directly to their rules and processes. By determining business priorities up front, organizations can ensure the many touch points, workflow and processes support key business objectives.

Oracle Builds Comprehensive SOA Platform

Through the recent evolution of BPM around the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) standard, a comprehensive SOA platform has become a key requirement for implementing standards-based BPM. SOA empowers a business environment with a flexible IT infrastructure and reusable business and systems services for deploying processes. This white paper from IDC covers the requirements for building a comprehensive SOA platform including BPEL, service development, integration, management, and security.

Optimize Your Vision: Aligning Your IT Portfolio and Business Strategy

Comprehensive process design is the foundation for improved efficiencies in process management practices. Aligning the IT Portfolio to the Business Strategy helps deliver value to the business and support an agile enterprise.

Strategic BPM: The Business Rules Bonus

In today’s volatile business climate, agility and flexibility are two requirements for survival. Companies must be able to react to changing market pressures or new market opportunities faster than the competition to ensure their success and many are turning to Business Process Management (BPM) software to accomplish this by optimizing existing processes and automating new ones.

Supporting a BPM Reference Architecture and Compliance Framework

As organizations confront increasing complexity in their business environments, business leaders seek out technologies that allow them to automate, monitor, and optimize key processes across the enterprise. The ability to quickly develop business rules that not only define how these processes are executed, but also to drive customized user interfaces, tasks, monitoring, and automated processes have become key elements in business process management (BPM) application development.

Process Product Watch: An Independent Evaluation of Fuego 4.5

Process Product Watch (PPW), as the name implies, provides its members with the results of continuous proprietary research into new tools and products that support Process Management.

Technology Focus Report on Enterprise Content Management

Content is the tangible form of an organization’s knowledge assets. Managing these assets is a complex challenge, especially when the assets are in different formats, affect multiple aspects of the business, and often physically reside in numerous locations.

Technology Focus Report on Business Process Management

When it comes to choosing a BPM solution, it’s the core requirements for your organization and your deployment that matterIn an increasingly competitive environment, a company’s success depends on its ability to achieve efficiencies through effective management of its processes.

Requirements for Effective BPM - An Independent White Paper on the BPM Infrastructure

For many years there has been talk an enabler of business; how the technology infrastructure that is in place has to work towards the strategic aims of the business. The reality of IT and business is vastly different. The disparity between technology and business has been so great that no allencompassing solution has been available. Within certain defined areas, technology has helped reduce costs, although some might argue that the costbase has simply been shifted, but technology as a total enabler has still fallen far short of expectations.
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