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Achieving Decision Consistency Across the SOA-based Enterprise

A service-oriented architecture (SOA) provides businesses with the ability to rapidly deploy new applications and easily integrate with other component applications both inside and outside the organization. Yet while it provides a great deal of flexibility for business units and IT departments, an SOA also creates difficulty in managing the consistency of business decisions delivered through various applications.

Rules are from Mars and Processes are from Venus

Over the years, businesses have sought ways to make their systems more extensible and flexible. In support, two fundamentally different approaches emerged for software developers. The two approaches are now commonly identified as Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rules (BR). BPM typically directed workflows, while BR guided decisions. Driven by a need for greater agility and enterprise-wide applicability, businesses have started to meld the two approaches.

BPMS Report Series Overview: Understanding and Evaluating BPMS

The BPMS Report series is objective research, and provides information in depth, not just a simple checklist. The information is not based on a vendor-filled questionnaire, but gathered from product documentation, detailed technical briefings, and in some cases hands-on evaluation. It drills down beneath what is available from the vendor website and white papers to provide BPMS buyers a clear sense of what each product does well, and what it takes to do it. BPMInstitute.org in conjunction with Bruce Silver Associates is pleased to offer The BPMS Report series, available for free to BPMInstitute.org members. These reports, written by Dr Bruce Silver, a leading independent BPM analyst, provide detailed evaluations of today’s leading Business Process Management Suites. Each 30-40 page report covers a single product in depth, loaded with diagrams and screenshots.

Superpartners Increases Market Share Through SOA

Need to improve your business processes?Superpartners leveraged SOA to improve their business process flexibility and enable more efficient integration of new customer records, thereby strengthening its market-leading position within Australia's superannuation administration market.Read the Gartner Case Study on how they did it.

A Game Plan for HR Process Compliance in 2006

Last year, leading companies like Allianz Life, Dell and Pfizer tackled compliance and process improvement at the same time. There chose many different HR processes to automate – ranging from new hires and pay changes to computer access requests. In each case, the companies recognized that an investment in technology was required to gain better control over their processes.

Getting Past the First BPM Project

Derek Miers, CEO of Enix Consulting, offers key tips on knowing when your company is ready to expand and best practices observations on how to do it in his new white paper, Getting Past the First BPM Project: Developing a Repeatable BPM Delivery Capability. This paper explores how companies such as Hasbro and Pulte Mortgage have successfully made the transition from their first BPM implementation to multiple processes, enterprise-wide.

Optimizing BPM to Ensure Competitive Advantage

In order to be effective, BPM should be optimized to enable companies to gain insight into their processes in real-time and change them, in many instances automatically, in order to create greater value. Optimized BPM is the ability to address both the real-time optimization of individual processes "in flight" and identify strategic changes to business processes to drive long term value and cost savings. Optimized BPM is the enabler that emphasizes the continuous improvement of processes that most directly affect corporate performance goals.

Creating the Perfect Storm for Customer Retention Process Improvement

Successful Sales and Marketing departments are dynamic torrents of process-driven activity. A calm day in the sea of sales means revenue opportunities are being lost or going by the wayside. This is just as true in customer retention as it is in customer acquisition.Once a prospect signs on the dotted line and becomes a customer, effective processes need to be in place to monitor, measure and manage customer satisfaction and loyalty and, in turn, maximize each customer's value.

Enterprise-Class SOA Management with webMethods Servicenet

Web services anarchy can return IT implementations to the dark days of brittle and unstable systems that are hostile to change and drain large amounts of resources just to keep running. An SOA management framework is required that provides registration of services, change management and versioning support, security facilities, service monitoring, service management and event handling. This technical whitepaper introduces webMethods Servicenet - a comprehensive web service management platform that delivers a shared infrastructure for SOA-based applications.

Strategic BPM: The Business Rules Bonus

Business process management (BPM) enables organizations to define, optimize, execute, monitor and manage critical processes. However, business rules technology (also known as a business rules engine or BRE) is an equally important, complementary technology.Any organization evaluating BPM should explore the role that business rules play. This paper identifies the value of both BPM and BRE and discusses where the combination of the two can maximize the business benefits to an organization.
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