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About the Report
As more and more organizations embrace Business Process Management (BPM) for the design of enterprise organizational and information systems, the demand for BPM training increases.

Many companies claim they’re the best at BPM training. Who should you believe?

Believe what industry expert Forrester Research is saying in the 2012 Forrester Wave report BPM Training and Certification Programs. It evaluates top BPM training and certification providers, citing as a leader in the BPM training market - and a top scorer in 7 of the 15 BPM skills development categories.

Download your copy of the Forrester Wave report BPM Training and Certification Programs and get their objective review of the top organizations in the BPM training space.

Forrester Wave BPM Training and Certification Programs

The Forrester Wave is copyrighted by Forrester Research, Inc. Forrester and Forrester Wave are trademarks of Forrester Research, Inc. The Forrester Wave is a graphical representation of Forrester's call on a market and is plotted using a detailed spreadsheet with exposed scores, weightings, and comments. Forrester does not endorse any vendor, product, or service depicted in the Forrester Wave. Information is based on best available resources. Opinions reflect judgment at the time and are subject to change.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was available for free for a limited time and is no longer available for download. To purchase and download the report, visit Forrester’s website.

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