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Demystifying the Link Between Business Architecture and Software Automation

An organization's strategic plans are only as good as their realization. A main driver behind doing Business Architecture is to ensure alignment, but the question remains as to how organizations can ensure the realization of their strategies in the complex software that control much of their day-to-day operations. The presenter discusses some shortfalls in today's thinking and rise of business specifications, which is the critical link between Business Architecture and software automation.

Rule Driven Project Tailoring at the IRS: A Case Study Automating the Center of Excellence with Rule Technology

How do you provide mass-customization of knowledge dissemination? The Internal Revenue Service, needing to provide fit-to-purpose yet consistent requirements engineering guidance to a large project portfolio, applied their methods to their own process, modeling it and developing a set of objective rules for guiding project application based on project characteristics. Result: A rule technology-based, self-service application for projects seeking assistance; far greater reach and consistency of guidance; and improvement of the methodology itself through the rigor applied. This pr

Panel: Business Architecture: Who Owns it - Who Delivers it? Who Benefits from it?

The role of business architecture continues to expand in organizations. As this occurs, organizations continue to examine who owns the role of business architect, who benefits from it and who delivers business architecture capabilities. Join us for this discussion on the key role of the business architect in organizations.

Case Study: A Decision Focused Approach to Business Rule Management and Analysis

We will present an in depth preview of the Decision Focused Approach to business rule management and analysis. To illustrate the fundamental concepts and benefits to be gained from this approach, we will use a case study from a large health care company.

Case Study: Using BPM to Optimize Global Purchasing Processes

Motorola’s Procurement team standardized its Purchasing and Buy/Sell processes using Business Process Management. The processes were consolidated, standardized and automated as one global solution for Motorola. BPM serves as the system of process for this solution while the system of record continues to be existing applications such as ERP, Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) and Product Data Management (PDM) systems. The program has delivered significant measurable and auditable value to Motorola in the areas of Control, Productivity and Performance.

Best Practices Keynote: Cracking the Code of Business Architecture - Turning Theory to Practice

As business architecture becomes more mainstream, it ignites enthusiasm in some and skepticism in others. Some organizations see it as a “must have” while others are reluctant to embrace it. One thing is clear; there is no universally accepted meaning of and delivery model for business architecture. In this session you will gain insight into a year-long journey at Allstate Insurance Company from establishing a practical business architecture delivery framework to actually applying that framework in the “real world.” You will learn what worked well from the beginning, what was improved along the way, and what the plans are to further evolve the framework. You will walk away with a host of practical and proven ideas for developing a business architecture that is valued by both business and IT.

Case Study: The Curious Case (Study) of Creating Strategy and Demonstrating Value in 2009 It's All About Delivering Value!

This case study will illustrate the development of a 2009 strategy within a support area of an IT shop within a $3B company. We’ll walk through the key steps and deliverables used to create a strategy and show the value it’ll deliver to IT. Can you answer these questions? “What value do we deliver?”, “What do our initiatives or objectives deliver?”, “Does our strategy link to our Corporate strategy?”, or “Do I have clear short, mid, or long range measures?” Through our case study, we’ll provide a template that you can use to create a strategy and demonstrate value.

Building a Business Architecture (BA) and Improving Enterprise Performance

This presentation describes an approach and method for building a Business Architecture (BA). It illustrates how to build and integrate your core cross-functional processes, sometimes called value streams, with all the architectures of enterprise and the corporate strategy. The BA is the next logical evolution in business process modeling and IT architecture integration. Used properly as a management tool, the BA can create opportunities for improving enterprise performance and delivering value.

Business Architecture in 3D: Navigating the Forest of Intent

An organization's strategic plans are only as good as their realization. A main driver behind doing Business Architecture is to ensure alignment, but how does that alignment get realized. The speaker discusses some shortfalls in today's thinking and rise of business specifications, which is the critical link between business motivations and operational behavior.

Case Study: Using Business Architecture to Address Major Horizontal Initiatives

Horizontal initiatives have become increasingly common in major enterprises. Consider the challenge of coordinating new product and service rollouts, synchronizing customer support functions, ensuring transparency of transactions as they cross enterprise silos and the many other projects that must cross business units or even divisions. Business architecture teams are well positioned to address these challenges by allowing management to visualize the impacts and opportunities across business units, projects, partners, business capabilities and related IT assets. This discussion will discuss how business architecture can provide management with insights into the difficult challenges and solutions that arise when major projects cross horizontal boundaries of the enterprise.
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