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How Cloud Computing Will Change Business Process Management

As cloud computing becomes more and more mainstream BPM systems will be offered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model as well as being delivered in on-premise service appliances behind the firewall. Mr. Barlow will explore these topics and provide a glimpse into one of the next significant new business technologies to be delivered “in the cloud.”

Case Study: How Robert Half International is Delivering Results with BPM

Robert Half International (RHI) has been scaling their BPM project from a single tactical workflow solution into a broader BPM solution. RHI’s goal is to deliver BPM as a business service – owned and operated by the end-user community. While they have not completed the journey, there are interesting and useful observations to share so far, including ideas about how to make your implementation of BPM more successful. Come learn from RHI’s executive’s 2+ years of BPM experience as they describe their BPM vision, and the value the company is receiving.

Case Study: BPM VS. BPM - The Discipline and the Technology

Do you get confused with all the uses of the acronym BPM?  Sometimes we are discussing the discipline of BPM and other times we are discussing the tools that enable both the discipline of BPM and the development of new solutions. Let’s take a look at where the technology of BPM enables the discipline of BPM and how they can solve some of your biggest, currently unsolved business process problems. 

Creating Authentic Solutions

There’s a divide between Leadership and Governance. First off, governance is more than just financial and legal complicance; it’s a compilation of functions, tools, machinery and expertise and a methodology that makes sense out of all those investments of people and equipment. Then, it also comprises an impulse that makes the orhanization tick, its conscience. Real transformation can ONLY take place by changing the impulse and knowing the processes that make-up the value-chain.

Track Chair Keynote: Business Decision Management - The Future of Collaboration

Organizations wishing to embrace Business Decision Management often recognize its value but are not optimally positioned to realize the benefits. This often happens for two critical reasons – the inability of technical and business units to exchange information in an efficient manner, and a corporate organizational structure that hinders efficient cooperation and communication. Overcoming these obstacles will be critical to success and, ultimately, to realizing Enterprise 2.0.

Track Chair Keynote: Business Architecture: State of the Art / State of the Practice

Business architecture is emerging as a key focus for organizations seeking to optimize business environments and governance structures. This presentation provides an overview of business architecture visualization and alignment concepts. The session also examines the current state of business architecture in practice along with commonly deployed approaches. Finally, the session looks at industry frameworks, emerging standards and the importance of business / IT architecture alignment.

Track Chair Keynote: Which BPMS Is Right For You?

BPM Suites provide an end-to-end platform for BPM solutions combining modeling, implementation design, runtime execution, and performance monitoring/optimization.  There are dozens to choose from, but not all are optimized for the same types of processes and user skills. We’ll discuss what goes into industry analyst evaluations of BPM Suites, what makes one product better than another, and how to find the BPMS that best fits your needs.

Best Practices Keynote: Architecting BPM Through a Center of Excellence at Wells Fargo Bank

Business Process Management (BPM) continues to gain momentum throughout the enterprise as an effective solution for optimizing the delivery of products and services to the customer. Wells Fargo and the industry overall are now starting to understand how to maximize the insight gained from this level of capability and are in the midst of a paradigm shift in how business solutions are developed and measured in the future.

Co-Chair Keynote: BPM: Managing Change

How do you manage change? Typical change management approaches focus on internal operational factors. BPM requires that you apply a broader framework to managing change to be successful. Many methodologies provide a one-size-fits-all approach that treats all business transformation efforts as if they were no more than minor variations on a theme.
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