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Strategic Opportunities with Business Architecture (BA) and IT Integration

This presentation describes the relationships between your Business Architecture (BA), IT architectures and Strategy. It illustrates how to build a BA with value streams or the core cross-functional processes from your BPM initiatives, and integrate with the IT Architectures and the Strategy. The BA is the next logical evolution in Business Process Modeling and IT architecture integration. The BA can create strategic opportunities with value chains for improving enterprise performance and building a competitive advantage.

Facilitation Skills for Project Meetings

It seems like we’re always in project meetings - planning meetings, status meetings, meetings to figure things out, meetings to review what’s been done, and more. Yet most meetings are viewed as unproductive, tedious, wastes of precious time. You can change that! By applying some simple facilitation techniques, you can transform both your virtual and face-to-face meetings into well-planned, well-managed journeys that engage the team while achieving the intended goals.

Track Chair Keynote: Thinking Broadly: Integrating Business Architecture into an Organization

Working in a large organization can sometimes seem like working in slow motion. Trying to change the direction of an organization is a complex exercise and that’s why organizations are turning to Business Architecture. But where do you begin? In this, talk we’ll explore some of the key scenarios that organizations are targeting to get started with Business Architecture and how these fit together to form within a framework that organizations can use to guide their effort to develop a Business Architecture practice.

Track Chair Keynote: Creating a New Process Using Process Design Principles

Process design principles are distilled best practices derived from world class organizations. These principles provide a guideline for process improvement efforts. By using design principles, new processes can be designed very quickly. In addition these new processes will exhibit higher quality, lower cost, faster cycle time, and less worker frustration.

Founder Closing Keynote: Reflections from 2008; Outlook for 2009

In these times of significant uncertainty about future revenues, companies are asking senior executives to examine current processes and suggest ways of streamlining operations and reducing waste. Businesses are examining ways to improve operational efficiency by paying more attention to process management and improvement. has observed an increased interest in introducing the concepts and principles of business process management to the company’s office workforce.

Panel: Tips for Starting and Maintaining a Successful BPM Initiative

The panelists will discuss what to do and not do when initiating BPM at a company. How should one get started? How do you create a compelling value proposition for BPM? How do you create and sustain BPM initiatives? What is the business value of process improvement? How do you establish a strong linkage between business strategy and business process improvement? What is the role of BPM technology? Please note, there are no presentations for Panels. Audio will be available after the Conference.

Building and Using a Business Capability Model for Business Architecture

Building and using a Business Capability Model for Business Architecture. How does an organization build a business capability model and use it effectively in their organization as part of a business architecture framework.

Mashups - Where SOA and Business People Intersect

SOA-enabled enterprises evolve an ecosystem of services, from which new business value can emerge. How can you engage the creativity of your enterprise community in leveraging this ecosystem to gain new insights, communicate more effectively, increase productivity, and improve the bottom line? Lightweight situational applications, known as mashups, make this easier than ever before.

Increasing Business Analysis Maturity for Rules-Driven Business Process Management

With organizations giving high priority to maturing their business analysts' skills, it is necessary to reflect on the effectiveness of today's business analysis best practices when adopting Rules-Driven Business Process Management. Understanding how the adoption of business rules and BPM impact the business analyst role is critical to achieving the reduce cost and increased business agility promised by rules and BPM vendors.

Case Study: Business Architecture Job 1: Integrated Planning

Whether a company is growing or needing to rethink assumptions in the face of economic headwinds, or both, the smart thing to do is to transform the current operating model. Hear how Dolby Laboratories is using the business architecture approach to implement a comprehensive process that integrates strategic planning, annual planning, budgeting and portfolio management to build an agile operating model in turbulent times.
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