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What Is Scope (And How Do You Know When You Have It)?

“Everybody knows” that clear definition and management of scope is critical to successful project execution. But below casual beliefs that “everybody knows what scope is” you will find there is surprisingly (and dangerously) little consensus or clarity around exactly what it consists of. What exactly are its elements? How do you know when you have it? How is it documented? What role do business processes play? This presentation provides hard won answers to these questions.

Creating A New Process Using Process Design Principles

Process design principles are distilled best practices derived from world class organizations. These principles provide a guideline for process improvement efforts. By using design principles, new processes can be designed very quickly. In addition these new processes will exhibit higher quality, lower cost, faster cycle time, and less worker frustration.

Executable BPMN: BPMN-2.0 Ontology-Based Engine

The emergence of MOF-based metamodel was a tipping point for BPMN-2.0. It offers a tremendous opportunity for building a native BPMN engine backed by formal and rich semantics of the metamodel. However, the complexity of the metamodel in terms of interconnected relationships among different BPMN elements and across different packages makes it hard for traditional technologies to handle such semantics.

BPM In Action

Participants will learn, how BPM solutions are architected, what are the key requirements to keep in mind for an enterprise class BPMS. They will see a detailed demo on how the process based applications are modeled, deployed and improved.

The Triple Crown of BPM

Technology - Innovations across the BPM Life-Cycle Methodology – Guest Speaker, Alain Kouyate, CTO, InfoZen Applying Agile development techniques to BPM Initiatives Execution – Realizing the promise of BPM in your Organization

The State of the Art in BPMS

In this Keynote address, we will examine each step of the modern BPM Life-Cycle and see how technology innovations and new methodologies have changed the face of the BPM industry. We will show how these State-of-the-Art BPM technologies and methodologies have increased efficiencies, changed how we approach projects and added significantly to the BPM value proposition. You will hear “what the Analysts are saying” and how real customers have leveraged these innovations to their strategic advantage in recent successful projects.

Increasing Transparency, Productivity And Accountability With BPM

  • How Companies And Agencies are Using BPM
    • Ron Martin, Vice President, Federal Operations, Lombardi
  • An Introduction to the Technology of BPM
    • Brandon Baxter, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Lombardi
  • A Recipe for BPM Success

Making a Case for BPM in Government

This session will provide insight into following:
  • Why should you consider investing in BPM?
  • What problems BPM addresses?
  • What kinds of returns you should expect from your investment in a BPM initiatives?
  • Where would the efficiency gains come from?
The session also discusses some key ideas to maximize your return on investment in BPM.

Relating Enterprise Strategy to Mission Performance

Ken’s presentation addresses what’s needed to relieve the extra pressure felt by government officials these days as they are challenged by the Obama Administration to improve delivery of government services, even as many are grappling with fewer available resources. The effective application of performance measures can demonstrate the cause-andeffect relationships between IT solutions – i.e., people, processes, and IT-products – and their respective contributions to the mission and business needs of government.
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