Transforming An Enterprise, A Proven Process-Driven Approach For Implementing The Business Strategy

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The current world wide economic crisis appears to inspire consensus among governments, businesses, and citizens that major changes will have to be implemented in order to return to a healthy, sustainable economy.  The current ‘imperative’ is to effectively manage change as an integrated continuum.  Simple consensus on the need for massive change, however, does not define the method to bring about that change.  This presentation will define the business transformation term as a change initiative to align People, Process and Technology of an organization with its business strategy and vision leading to realization of the expected benefits.   The role of the critical elements of the successful business transformation initiative (supported by the specific implementation examples) will be briefly outlined, including:

  • Strategic Direction outlining the goals and objectives to be achieved
  • Business Design defining needed changes in terms of processes (including policies, procedures, practices, business rules) and technologies to achieve the strategic goals
  • Change Management focusing on the required experience and collaboration of all involved as well as impacted stakeholders
  • Change Governance managing the change continuum to achieve and evolve the strategic goals

The attendees of the session will:

  • Recognize the essential elements of managing business transformation initiatives and their interdependencies
  • Learn about the importance of a strategy definition including the customer centric perspective in particular for the business design

Realize the critical importance of the business process and its integrating qualities for the business design and requirements management.

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